Who does Nachtwey work for?

Who does Nachtwey work for?

Nachtwey has worked as a photographer on contract for the Time magazine in 1984. Between 1980 and 1985, he did a job at the Black Star. A year later, he joined Magnum Photos for the next five years. Since 2001, he was VII Photo Agency’s naissance member until 2011.

What is James Nachtwey known for?

James Nachtwey, (born March 14, 1948, Syracuse, New York, U.S.), American photojournalist noted for his unflinching and moving images of wars, conflicts, and social upheaval. Nachtwey graduated from Dartmouth College, where he studied art history and political science, and then served in the merchant marine.

What is James Nachtwey doing now?

He is not married and currently lives in New York City. In 1994, Nachtwey was covering the upcoming elections in South Africa, the first non-racial ones in decades.

Why did James decide he wanted to be a photojournalist?

He wanted to be a photographer only because he wanted to be a war photographer. It was not very easy in the beginning. It took him a long time to feel confident about his decision of being a war photographer. He had to convince himself before he started convincing other people.

Where are Nachtwey held solos?

He has had solo exhibitions at numerous museums and galleries, including the International Center of Photography in New York, Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, El Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, FOAM in Amsterdam, Carolinum in …

Why did James Nachtwey start photography?

Photographs of the Vietnam War and the American Civil Rights movement inspired him to become a photographer. While teaching himself photography, he worked as truck driver and as an apprentice news film editor.

What makes a really good news photo?

Meaning. Every news picture must earn its space on the page. That means that it must tell the story clearly, without needing people to read the story first in order to understand what the picture is all about. In other words, every news picture must have meaning.