How much does a Specialized Allez Sport weight?

How much does a Specialized Allez Sport weight?

It’s an exciting bike to ride and you’ll easily get that little adrenaline giggle when you really push it. If you’re confident, you can definitely take a few risks. The overall weight is 9.66kg which for a sub-£700 bike is pretty good.

How many gears does the Specialized Allez Sport have?

Select a color and size The stiff, light, race-inspired Allez E5 Sport offers great acceleration and handling—perfect for an aspiring racer, or as a first road bike if you’re just getting into the sport. 9-speed Shimano Sora drivetrain and dependable wheelset delivers high-end performance at a serious value…

What does a 2020 Specialized Allez weigh?

It all comes down to the refined E5 Premium Aluminum frame, one of the lightest and reliable models that also comes at a fantastic cost. At only 450g or 1-pound of weight, it offers the chance to bring the bike around with so much ease that it will feel like it isn’t really a bike.

What does a Specialized Allez Elite weigh?

19 lbs 3 oz

Year 2021
Model Allez Elite
Size 56cm
Frame Material Aluminum
Weight 19 lbs 3 oz

Is Specialized Allez a good beginner bike?

The Specialized Allez is a good choice for an entry-level beginner bike, able to take on wet roads without a struggle. If you’re not too picky or looking for star performance, then the Specialized Allez should be enough.

What kind of bike is a Specialized Allez?

The Allez Sprint features an aero aluminum frame and 105 parts—and makes a great first race bike. The Allez, Sport, and Elite all have the same geometry, but the Sprint goes longer and lower for an aggressive, race-ready position. Lightweight and strong, with eyelets for fenders and a rear rack.

Can you race on a Specialized Allez?

Specialized Allez Sprint Comp Disc bike The old Allez has always been considered an excellent option for an entry level criterium racer, owing to the geometry and resilient properties of alloy. With the Sprint models, Specialized took it up a gear to create a race-first model.

How big is a Specialized Allez sport bike?

Our 58cm Allez Sport is large compared to other similarly-proiced road bikes we’ve tested recently, but it’s nearly as light as the smaller sized Raleigh AirLite U6 Comp frame. It’s likely that the 56cm version would bring the frame-only weight under 1400g.

How is the seat tube on a Specialized Allez?

Beyond the aesthetic beauty, gone is the Allez’s curved toptube of old, replaced by a straighten yet still angled, tube. The rear frame triangle is compact, with the seatstays jutting diagonally from the seat tube a fair few centimeters below its junction with the toptube.

What makes an Allez sport an entry level bike?

All too often, corners are cut to meet price-points in the entry-level road bike market, but the Allez Sport redefines what it means to be “entry level.” Focusing on weight, refinement, and reliability like nothing else in its class, the Allez strays from the norm…

What kind of derailleur does Specialized Allez use?

Shimano’s nine-speed Sora set-up is employed for the majority of the Allez’s groupset. The shifters and both the front and rear derailleurs are from the firm’s lower-level component range, while the Praxis chainset is matched to a budget-friendly Sunrace 11-32 cassette to offer a wide spread of gears to cover most terrain with minimum fuss.