Where is the easiest place to take a driving test in BC?

Where is the easiest place to take a driving test in BC?

Terrain wise, Richmond will be the easiest. No hills, wide lanes and all, no tricky looking intersections. It’s best to get an instructor to teach you the test roads because they know the routes the examiner will take you during the road test. By then you should memorize all the school zones and what not.

What is the best time to book a road test?

Driving Test Times On an hourly basis, the average pass rate increased even further to 70.8% for new drivers taking their test between 7pm and 8pm. While for those who prefer an early drive, the average pass rates were 60.8% and 60% for time slots between 10am and 11am and 8am and 9am respectively.

What are automatic fails on a driving test in BC?

If you slow down and turn without making a stop, it will be considered an automatic fail for your road test, it’s illegal. If you’re at a red light, it means the traffic on the opposite side of the road has a green light.

How long is the road test in BC?

about 45 minutes
Your full road test — including time at the end to go over how you did — will take about 45 minutes. Your examiner will take you out on a route that tests your driving skills.

Is the ICBC road test hard?

The test takes between 30 and 45 minutes. During this time, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Most examiners are good to do small talk, if that helps put you at ease. However, if you’re not performing well or you are obviously nervous, we’ll leave the talking alone and let you concentrate just on driving.

Are you more likely to pass your driving test in the morning?

One major reason for a strong pass rate occurring during the morning rush hour is that we tend to be more alert soon after we have woken up. That’s particularly true if you are naturally a ‘morning person’.

What are automatic fails in a driving test?

The following are the most common reasons your practical driving assessment will result in an automatic fail: Disobeying a regulatory street sign (such as not coming to a complete stop at a Stop Sign); Speeding; or. Driving without a seatbelt.

What are instant fails in a driving test?

Immediate fails As the category says it will fail you immediately if you committed any such mistakes. If for example, if a candidate changing the lane without ensuring whether it is clear or not he failed at that moment itself.

How can I calm my nerves before my driving test?

To calm your nerves on test day:

  1. Eat something. You may have a fluttery stomach and not want to eat, but feeling light-headed with a gurgling stomach is the last thing you want.
  2. Take a walk.
  3. Avoid too much coffee or other highly caffeinated drinks directly before your test.
  4. Go to the loo!
  5. Don’t be late.