Is Wellington International Airport Open?

Is Wellington International Airport Open?

Wellington Airport opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 4.30am – 10.30pm. Sunday: 4.30am – 11.30pm.

Are there any international flights to Wellington?

International flights to Wellington From Gold Coast, the only airline with direct flights is Jetstar. From Melbourne and Sydney, you can fly with Air New Zealand (Star Alliance) and Qantas (Oneworld).

Who owns Wellington Airport?

Since 1998 the airport has been two-thirds privately owned by Infratil, with the remaining third owned by the Wellington City Council.

Does Wellington have a domestic Airport?

Wellington Airport is located 8 kilometres east and around 20 minutes from Wellington.

Are airports closed in NZ?

As an essential service Auckland Airport remains open. International flights: At Alert Level 4, Auckland Airport is urging travellers to stay at home unless they are confirmed to depart from the international terminal that same day. Domestic flights: At Alert Level 4, travel is strictly limited.

Is Wellington in the South Island?

Is Wellington North or South Island? Wellington is the capital and second most populous city of New Zealand, located at the south-western tip of the North Island.

How long is the drive from Auckland to Wellington?

about eight hours
Non-stop, the Auckland to Wellington drive takes about eight hours.

Can I sleep at Wellington Airport?

The Wellington Airport closes nightly between 1:30 AM and 3:30 AM. It is generally not possible to spend the night inside the airport, unless in the case of emergency such as major flight cancellations, however some recent travellers reported no problem staying in the terminal overnight.

Does Wellington Airport have a curfew?

Controlling hours of flight with a curfew in place (from midnight to 6am for domestic flights and international departures, and from 1am to 6am for international arrivals, with allowances for delayed flights and exemptions for emergencies).

How early do you need to be at the airport for domestic flights NZ?

30 minutes
30 minutes prior to departure, for travel within New Zealand. 60 minutes prior to departure, if you’re connecting to an international flight. 60 minutes prior to departure, if your child is travelling alone.

Is Gollum still at Wellington airport?

Wellington Airport on Twitter: “Sorry! Gollum has left the building – he was only a temporary installation… “

Can you fly in Level 2 NZ?

If you are living at Alert Level 2, you can travel anywhere in New Zealand that is at Alert Level 1 or 2 for any reason, but make sure you do it in a safe way. You legally must wear a face covering when travelling to, from or through an Alert Level 2 region on public transport, including flights.