How do you convert kPa to mmHg?

How do you convert kPa to mmHg?

Using the values for each in SI pressure units, any pressure in kilopascals can be converted to millimetre of mercury units using the conversion factor below:

  1. 1 mmHg = 133.322 Pascals (Pa)
  2. 1 kPa = 1000 Pascals (Pa)
  3. mmHg value x 133.322 Pa = kPa value x 1000 Pa.
  4. mmHg value = kPa value x 7.50062.

Is kPa same as mmHg?

mmHg↔kPa 1 kPa = 7.500617 mmHg.

How do you convert n to kPa?

Please provide values below to convert newton/square meter to kilopascal [kPa], or vice versa….Newton/square Meter to Kilopascal Conversion Table.

Newton/square Meter Kilopascal [kPa]
0.01 newton/square meter 1.0E-5 kPa
0.1 newton/square meter 0.0001 kPa
1 newton/square meter 0.001 kPa
2 newton/square meter 0.002 kPa

Should I use kPa or mmHg?

KPa is widely used internationally as a unit of pressure and also measures eg the tyre pressure of cars. The unit mmHg (millimeter mercury column) is also used to measure blood pressure.

How many kPa is 760mmhg?

101.3 kPa
A kilopascal is equal to 1000 pascals. Another commonly used unit of pressure is the atmosphere (atm). Standard atmospheric pressure is called 1 atm of pressure and is equal to 760 mmHg and 101.3 kPa.

Is kPa the same as N m2?

kPa↔N/m2 1 kPa = 1000 N/m2.

How is kPa calculated?

The calculation for converting kg/cm² into kPa can be derived as follows: 1 kPa = 1000 pascals (Pa) kPa value x 1000 Pa = kg/cm² value x 98066.5 Pa. kPa value = kg/cm² value x 98.0665.

How to convert KPA value to mmHg value?

mmHg to kPa Conversion Table. A pressure measured in millimetres of mercury can be converted to a kilopascals reading using the following conversion factor calculation: 1 kPa = 1000 pascals (Pa) 1 mmHg = 133.322 pascals (Pa) kPa value x 1000 Pa = mmHg value x 133.322 Pa. kPa value = mmHg value x 0.133322.

How to convert 325 mmHg to a kilopascal?

mmHg to Kilopascal Conversion Example. Task: Convert 325 mmHg to kilopascals (show work) Formula: mmHg x 0.1333223684 = kPa Calculations: 325 mmHg x 0.1333223684 = 43.32977 kPa Result: 325 mmHg is equal to 43.32977 kPa.

How many kilopascals of mercury are in a KPA?

Conversion Table millimeters of mercury (mmHg) kilopascals (kPa) 50 mmHg 6.66612 kPa 75 mmHg 9.99918 kPa 100 mmHg 13.33224 kPa 250 mmHg 33.33059 kPa

Which is larger a kilopascal or a mmHg?

1 mmHg to kilopascal = 0.13332 kilopascal. 5 mmHg to kilopascal = 0.66661 kilopascal. 10 mmHg to kilopascal = 1.33322 kilopascal. 20 mmHg to kilopascal = 2.66645 kilopascal. 30 mmHg to kilopascal = 3.99967 kilopascal. 40 mmHg to kilopascal = 5.3329 kilopascal. 50 mmHg to kilopascal = 6.66612 kilopascal.