What can I use instead of bash?

What can I use instead of bash?

Python is way more useful than Bash since you can use Python to write full programs, and it’s well supported by the community. Python is also extremely readable and easy to edit months later. Perl – The best of the three (for scripting), but easily the steepest learning curve.

What does the chsh command do?

The chsh command changes a user’s login shell attribute. The shell attribute defines the initial program that runs after a user logs in to the system. This attribute is specified in the /etc/passwd file. By default, the chsh command changes the login shell for the user who gives the command.

How do I change to Nologin?

Simply use chsh (change shell) command to change the users shell in /etc/passwd file from something like /bin/bash or /bin/sh to /sbin/nologin meaning refuse a login.

Is fish better than zsh?

Both Fish and Zsh are ranked as best in shell scripting with their way of writing scripts and functions. Also, both are open source tools that anyone can use them freely. Zsh is extended from Bash language, and fish scripting is totally different from Bash or, to be specific, Zsh language.

What language is used in shell scripting?

Common scripting languages include: Shell scripts – sh, bash, csh, tcsh. Other scripting languages – TCL, Perl, Python.

How do you use the chsh command?

How to use chsh? Basic usage is fairly simple – just execute the ‘chsh’ command sans arguments. You’ll be asked for your login password, and after you successfully enter that, you’ll have the option to change your login shell. Note that by default, the login shell for the current user is changed.

What is chage command?

The chage command is self-described as the “change user password expiry information” utility. The chage command changes the number of days between password changes and the date of the last password change. This information is used by the system to determine when a user must change their password.

Why did Apple switch to Zsh?

The reason Apple has not switched to these newer versions is that they are licensed with GPL v3. bash v3 is still GPL v2. zsh , on the other hand, has an ‘MIT-like’ license, which makes it much more palatable for Apple to include in the system by default. The zsh version on macOS 10.14 Mojave is fairly new (5.3).

What is usr sbin Nologin?

/sbin/nologin or /usr/sbin/nologin used as a shell in Linux to politely refuse a login attempt. It is a per-account way to disable login on Linux.

How do I switch users to bin bash?

Changing the Default Shell of the Current User If we want to change the default shell of the current login user, we can execute the chsh command with the -s option. Let’s change the default shell of the current user to Bash: kent$ chsh -s /bin/bash Changing shell for kent. Password: Shell changed.