Is a Yagi antenna good?

Is a Yagi antenna good?

Advantages of Yagi Antennas Yagis are directional antennas. Their high gain gives these antennas relatively good range. They have the most gain for their physical size compared to antennas like log periodics. The antenna’s design filters out almost all signal noise coming from the opposite direction.

Do Yagi antennas work?

The Yagi antenna is able to provide very useful levels of gain and front to back ratios. This causes the RF antenna to radiate more power in the opposite direction to this form of parasitic element. An element that does this is called a reflector. The element can be made inductive by tuning it below resonance.

How far can I talk on 2 meters?

On VHF frequencies such as 2-meters, antenna height greatly influences how far one can talk. Typical reliable repeater range is about 25 miles (40 km). Some repeaters in unusually high locations, such as skyscrapers or mountain tops, can be usable as far out as 75 miles (121 km).