What is a hold-down clamp?

What is a hold-down clamp?

Hold-down pipe clamps are used in applications where you would like toeither 1.) anchor the pipe in position or 2.) permit axial movement of the pipe. Slide plates, such as PTFE, 25% glass filled or graphite, can be incorporated into the design to reduce the friction between the pipe and clamp.

What are the four basic types of mechanical toggle clamps?

Four Basic Types of Toggle Clamps Optionsinclude flanged, straight and weldable bases; Straight and T-handles;solid bars and open or U-bars; carbon and stainless steel.

How do I choose a toggle clamp?

These are usually determined by the space in which the clamp is to be situated and how much manoeuvrability it allows. Levers for manual toggle clamps can be horizontal or vertical, operate with a push or pull linear action, use a rolling cam instead of a pivot, or have a hook instead of a clamping foot.

What is the difference between a vertical and horizontal toggle clamp?

The key difference is the position of the handle when the clamp is locked. A horizontal clamp has the handle position horizontally (parallel with the base) when the clamp is locked. A vertical clamp has the handle positioned vertically (perpendicular to the base) when clamped.

What is the purpose of toggle clamp?

A Toggle Clamp is a tool that you use to securely locate components or parts in position, typically, but not exclusively, as part of a production process. The primary features of a Toggle Clamp are that Toggle Clamps lock in position securely and are quick acting, they can be quickly turned on and off by an operator.

What can you do with shop made toggle clamps?

This is a fun and usefull weekend project.. These shop made toggle clamps come in very handy for use around the shop and on jigs and fixtures.. there is a link posted in the discription box of the attached video…

Where can I buy a hold down clamp?

While working on a my pantorouter machine, I needed another hold down clamp, similar to one of these drill press hold down clamps I had bought from Busy Bee Tools . But it was a Sunday, so the store was closed, and besides, the store is at the far end of town.

What’s the advantage of starting with a clamp?

The one advantage of having started with the clamp is that I ended up with a coarse ACME thread on my clamp. That means this clamp tightens faster and easier than if I had used 1/2″ threaded rod, which would have had an 11 TPI thread.