What football ground is used in ID?

What football ground is used in ID?

Millmoor stadium in Rotherham served as Shadwell Town’s fictional home “The Kennel”.

What was wrong with gumbo in ID?

What is wrong with Gumbo? In the film, Gumbo (Lee Ross) cannot speak properly and continually shakes. They charge the much larger group, and the film then immediately cuts to the police entering the market and scattering the combatants.

Who are Shadwell Town based on?

Shadwell F.C. is actually based on Millwall F.C. Shadwell’s nickname is The Dogs and their ground is called The Kennel.

When did the film ID come out?

May 5, 1995 (United Kingdom)
I.D./Release date

What happened to John at the end of ID?

so he’s ended up a smackhead and because the murder was one step too far in the brutal world of football violence, many hooligans stopped calmed down a bit, so honest john ended up with a bunch of hardcore nazi’s getting his violence kicks that way. beaut film.

What film is gumbo from?

I.D. (1995)
I.D. (1995) – Lee Ross as Gumbo – IMDb.

Who was the film ID based on?

PC James Bannon
Many of the tense, scowling set-pieces and plot devices are based on supposedly real events in the experience of PC James Bannon, who went undercover with Millwall’s notorious Bushwhackers in the late 1980s.

Where was id2 filmed?

Despite some exterior shots of Shadwell station being used, filming took place entirely in East Yorkshire in particularly Kingston upon Hull, with some minor scenes being shot in the nearby town of Beverley.

Where do I find my TMDb ID?

To find out the TMDb ID of a TV Show here in TMDb, just search for the name of the TV Show and go to the page of the TV Show. The TMDb ID of The Big Bang Theory is 1418.

How do I find IMDB movie id?

Look at the address bar in your browser when you are on the correct movie’s IMDB page. The URL will look like the following: “http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0123456/.” The IMDB number is the number located at the end of the URL, including any zeros.