What is the difference between TNA and WWE?

What is the difference between TNA and WWE?

The initials stand for WWE, and that is all. TNA promotes wrestling. Both TNA and WWE are more about promos than matches. The big difference is WWE doesn’t lie about that fact.

Is Kurt Angle a WWE or TNA guy?

Kurt Angle has gone on record saying he believes he had a “better career” in TNA than he did in WWE. The WWE Hall of Famer was a recent guest on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast where he delved into his move from WWE to TNA in 2006, and the success he enjoyed in the promotion.

Is there a real version of WWE?

The free version of WWE Network includes: New shows including “Raw Talk,” streaming Monday nights each week immediately following “Raw” Groundbreaking original series including “Monday Night War,” “Ride Along,” “Table for 3,” “Photo Shoot” and “Story Time”

Who is the best wrestler in 2012?

Wrestler of the Year

Year Winner Second runner-up
2009 Randy Orton Chris Jericho
2010 Randy Orton (2) John Cena
2011 CM Punk Davey Richards
2012 CM Punk (2) Austin Aries

Is WWE better than TNA?

WWE is far more successful than TNA. If you check out pay-per-view buyrates, merchandise sales, or overall brand awareness, it all adds up to WWE crushing TNA. But they don’t beat them in every area. There are certain aspects of TNA television that are superior to the way WWE runs its shows.

Who has the most wins in WWE 2012?

Stats for 2012 for WWE TV are out. It shows that Sheamus had the most televised wins with 76. John Cena had the tenth most wins with 31. The most losses went to Dolph Ziggler – 56.

Who was the face of WWE in 2012?

3 ranking on this year’s list. John Cena has been called the face of WWE by many , and he’s earned that distinction through hustle, loyalty and respect. In 2012, Cena lived up to his motto and did everything he could to keep fighting the good fight.