What activities did Victorians do at school?

What activities did Victorians do at school?

Typical lessons at school included the three Rs – Reading, WRiting and Dictation, and ARithmetic. In addition to the three Rs which were taught most of the day, once a week the children learned geography, history and singing.

What activities did Victorian children do?

Poor children often had to work instead of going to school. Many worked with their parents at home or in workshops, making matchboxes or sewing. Children could also earn a bit of money as chimney-sweeps, messengers or crossing sweepers like the boy in this picture.

Who were the Victorians ks1?

The Victorian era is named after Queen Victoria, who was queen from 1837-1901. People who lived during the Victorian era are called Victorians. Before the 19th century it used to take people 12 hours to travel between Birmingham and London if they were riding in a horse-drawn coach.

What do Victorians do in their free time?

Victorian life could be busy but Victorians liked to make good use of their leisure time by playing games and sports and going on day trips and holidays. The ways in which people could entertain themselves varied depending on whether they were rich or poor, male or female.

Did the Victorians love their children?

Victorian parents were not known for showing affection. In fact, they believed even minimal amounts of affection would spoil a child. Victorian parents were encouraged to never kiss or hug their children, only a peck on the forehead before bed if they really couldn’t help themselves.

What did Victorians eat ks1?

What did the Victorians eat? Those who lived a comfortable lifestyle would have eaten meats such as beef, pork, cheese, jam, tea, vegetables and desserts. Those who were poor would have eaten foods such as potatoes, bread, drippings and even potato peels.

Why are Victorians called Victorians?

1) The Victorians were the people who lived during the reign of Queen Victoria, from the 20 June 1837 until the date of her death on the 22 January 1901.

Did Victorian children play chess?

The Victorians also loved their board games and some of these were invented well before the Victorian era such as chess, dominoes and backgammon but still played widely by the Victorians. However, many new children’s board games were invented in the Victorian era that were educational as well as fun.