Which inscription is written by Harisena?

Which inscription is written by Harisena?

Harisena, also called Harishena or Hirisena, was a 4th-century Sanskrit poet, panegyrist, and government minister. He was an important figure in the court of Gupta emperor, Samudragupta. His most famous poem, written c. 345 C.E., describes the bravery of Samudragupta and is inscribed on the Allahabad Pillar.

What did Harisena composed?

Harisena composed the prashasti in praise of Samudragupta, he was the famous court poet of Gupta king Samudragupta and his prashasti was famous Allahabad prashasti which describes Samudragupta as a great warrior. Hence the correct answer is option ‘B’.

Who was Harrison name his pillar inscription?

Notes: Samudragupta court poet and minister Harisena composed the Allahabad pillar Inscription or Prayag Prasasti. The Pillar was an Asokan Pillar erected by Asoka six century before him. This Inscription is a eulogy of Samudragupta and mentions about the conquests of Samudragupta and boundaries of the Gupta Empire.

What was the post of Harisena the author of inscription on Samudragupta?

Answer: Harisena was the court poet in Samudragupta Court.

Who was Harisena Class 6?

Harisena was a court poet of Samudragupta; around 1700 years ago. Prashasti is a Sanskrit word which means in praise of someone. Prashasti was written in praise of kings during that period.

Who wrote Prayag inscription?

It is also known as Prayag Prashasti. It is a pillar inscription of Samudragupta found at Allahabad and written in Sanskrit. It was composed by Harisena. It is one of the important epigraphic sources to know about the political history of the Guptas.

Who was father of Harisena?

Harishena ( r . c. 480 – 510 CE) was the last known ruler of the Vatsagulma branch of the Vakataka dynasty. He succeeded his father Devasena.

What is written on Allahabad pillar?

It is in excellent Sanskrit, written in the more refined Gupta script (a later version of Brahmi) by the poet and minister, Harishena. The inscription is a panegyric praising Samudragupta and lists the political and military achievements of his reign including his expeditions to the south.

What were Prashastis Class 6?

Prashastis is a special kind of inscription meaning “in praise of”. They were composed in praise of the rulers. An important example is a prashasti of Samudragupta. It is a poem in Sanskrit, composed by his court poet Harisena, nearly 1700 years ago.

Who was the best ruler of chalukyas Class 6?

1. The best known Chalukya ruler was Pulakeshin II. We know about him from a prashasti. This prashasti (inscription) was composed by Pulakeshin’s (II) court poet Ravikirti.

Who was the son of Samudragupta?

Chandragupta II

What is written on iron pillar?

The inscription describes the king as a devotee of the God Vishnu, and records the erection of a dhvaja (“standard”, or pillar) of Vishnu, on a hill called Viṣṇupada (“hill of the footprint of Viṣṇu”).