What does dizziness and diarrhea mean?

What does dizziness and diarrhea mean?

Lightheadedness is often secondary to diarrhea because diarrhea makes you dehydrated. They can travel together. Causes of diarrhea include infection, food poisoning, medication side effect, hyperthyroidism, and laxative overdose. If you are lightheaded with diarrhea, you should call your primary care provider.

Does CFS cause weight gain?

It is also quite common for people with ME/CFS to gain weight. This can be due to a lower physical activity level, or “comfort eating” when feeling low. Some people report that they feel much hungrier than normal (medical term = polyphagia).

Why do I feel weak and shaky after diarrhea?

The number one cause of fatigue after diarrhea is dehydration. During a bout of diarrhea, important fluids and electrolytes are flushed from your system which can lead to dehydration.

Can acid reflux make you feel off balance?

When acid refluxes into the upper GI system, it can affect the tubes that lead to the inner ear. When these tubes become irritated, swelling can occur, causing a loss of balance.

Why am I so tired and keep gaining weight?

If your thyroid (the butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck) is not making enough thyroid hormone, you’re probably feeling tired, weak, and cold, and gaining weight. Without enough thyroid hormone, your metabolism slows, making weight gain more likely.

How do I get my energy back after diarrhea?

How to Bounce Back After a Bout of Diarrhea

  1. Eat Healthy Foods. Making sure to focus on nourishing foods is key for a quick recovery post-diarrhea.
  2. Take Probiotics.
  3. Replace Lost Electrolytes.
  4. Get Outside and Take a Walk.
  5. Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep.

Why do I feel weak during diarrhea?

If you’ve had diarrhea for a few days, you may feel lightheaded or weak. This comes from rapidly losing the minerals, sugar, and water that your body needs. Normally, diarrhea won’t cause you to lose control of your bowels – if this happens, you should consult your doctor.