Who is Flora Baumbach partner in The Westing Game?

Who is Flora Baumbach partner in The Westing Game?

Flora Baumbach is a shy 60-year-old dressmaker who becomes a maternal figure to her partner, Turtle. Her daughter, Rosalie, had Down syndrome and died of pneumonia at age 19.

Who is Flora Baumbach’s daughter?

Rosalie Baumbach
Rosalie is the deceased daughter of Flora Baumbach. Rosalie had Down’s syndrome and her mother describes her as the “lovingest person there ever was” (11.6).

Did Flora Baumbach have a daughter?

While we find out pretty quickly that she had a daughter named Rosalie, we don’t know what happened to her or why she’s not around. This smaller-scale mystery is solved later on in the novel when we learn that Rosalie had Down’s syndrome, and died when she was only nineteen.

What is sydelle Pulaski personality?

Together with her partner Angela, whom Sydelle quickly realizes is the bomber behind the three sets of fireworks that go off in different locations throughout Sunset Towers, Sydelle realizes that the key to the Westing game lies in the lyrics to the song “America the Beautiful.” Gregarious, sly, canny, and self-aware …

Why is grace being so nice to Turtle?

Why is Grace Wexler being nice to Turtle? She wants Turtle to tell her her clues!

What is Flora Baumbach’s suspicious activity?

Flora Baumbach’s unfortunate habit of smiling in inappropriate situations makes her a natural object of suspicion. However, as the story unfolds, we discover that she’s a kind, affable, caring figure, who forms a kind of mother-daughter relationship with Turtle Wexler, her partner in the game.

What are sandy McSouthers character traits?

But the most defining aspect of Sandy’s personality is this: he’s a good liar. He doesn’t really die in the Westing house, and his name isn’t really Sandy McSouthers. He’s Sam Westing… in disguise.

Why is turtles mom being so nice to her before the party?

Why is Turtle’s mom being so nice to her before the party? She wants her to share the clues she was given.

What had somebody found on the third floor hallway?

What had somebody found in the third floor hallway? Somebody found 6 clues on Westing House Toilet Paper that said ‘ Braided kicking tortoise ‘si a brat.

What are JJ Ford character traits?

A reserved yet proud black woman, Ford has battled racism, prejudice, and discrimination to get to the point she’s at in her career—as such, she’s often defensive, detached, and purposefully suspicious of those around her.

Why is Otis Amber frustrated with Crow?

Otis is upset with Crow because he thinks she’s lost their clues. However, Crow is insistent that she remembers them all. Even so, Otis is concerned that someone will find them.