What is a tanker in the fire service?

What is a tanker in the fire service?

A fire tanker truck, or fire tender, is a vehicle which Osco custom builds or designs to specifically fight fires. These tankers are usually large trucks with a tank for water to fight fires. Fire tanker trucks have the water to fight fires and that is the focus.

How much does a tanker fire truck cost?

What is the cost of a Fire Engine/Pumper/Ladder Truck? The replacement cost of a pumper engine comparable to our current equipment is roughly $550,000.00. This doesn’t include anywhere from $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 for equipment to outfit the engine.

How much water does a fire truck tanker hold?

On this pumper/tanker fire engine, the primary water tank is inside the vehicle, it holds 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters) of water and it runs down the center in the rear of the truck. A drop tank is like a big aboveground pool that can hold about 2,000 gallons of water.

What is the difference between a tanker and a tender?

The main difference between a custom pumper and a tanker/tender is the amount of water it carries. Some tanker/tenders are straight water haulers with small pumps on them, while others are designed more as first-out pieces, carrying enough equipment to function as Class A pumpers.

How heavy is a fire tender?

Dimensions: Length: 10.5 metres. Width: 2.3 metres. Load weight: 12 tonnes.

How much does a water tender cost?

A small truck like a water tender might cost $250,00, whereas a pumper (engine) could run you around $550,000.

Are fire trucks full of water?

Fire engines, or pumpers, carry hose, tools, and pump water. The engine can also carry ladders, but they are set up by the fire fighters and can be carried around. Water tank (usually 500-750 gallons) Pump (approximately 1500 GPM)

What is the busiest fire station in the US?

What are the largest fire departments in the US? What is the busiest fire station in Los Angeles? What is the busiest FDNY station?…What city has the most firefighters?

Rank City Total Jobs
1 Amarillo, TX 470
2 Pueblo, CO 250
3 Leominster, MA 320
4 Waco, TX 300

Where can I get a tanker fire truck?

Contact us today about your custom brush breaker or tanker needs. We proudly serve customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island. At Bulldog Fire Apparatus, we will help you design and build the perfect custom tanker fire truck to suit your department’s needs.

Where can I buy a used water tanker?

Used Tankers and Water Tenders for Sale Tankers and tenders are life-saving pieces of equipment for municipal and volunteer fire stations around the country. When you find the right used water tender or tanker, you’re able to unlock value for your operation.

How many gallons of water does a water tanker hold?

When you’re battling a fire, your equipment should be there to back you up. Rosenbauer customized tankers hold up to 3600 gallons of water and feature quick, efficient offloading systems and high-powered to douse any flame. Choose the tools you need and rely on Rosenbauer to help you fight the battle.

What kind of body does a fire tanker have?

STAINLESS STEEL BODY SUBFRAME / A fully welded 304 grade, 7 gauge stainless steel subframe with K-bracing supports our 14 gauge 304 stainless steel body. Our tanker body is designed to fully support each compartment to withstand the load carrying capacity requirements of today’s fire apparatus.