What happens when XenServer license expired?

What happens when XenServer license expired?

When Free XenServer license expires, all the running Virtual Machines continue to execute without interruption or loss of functionality. Hosts with expired licenses cannot start new Virtual Machines, and when restarted with an expired license then you cannot auto-start any Virtual Machines marked for auto-start.

How to get Citrix XenServer free license?


  1. Open www.citrix.com/account and logon with your user name and password.
  2. Click View Licenses from the Licensing section:
  3. Click Activate and Allocate Licenses menu, select XenServer license, and click Continue button.

How is XenServer licensed?

XenServer uses the same licensing process as other Citrix products, and as such requires a valid license to be installed on a License Server. You can download the License Server from Citrix Licensing. XenServer (other than through the XenApp/XenDesktop licenses) is licensed on a per-socket basis.

What happens if Citrix license expires?

When a XenServer license expires: you will no longer be able to access licensed features or receive Citrix Technical Support for any host within the pool until you purchase another license.

How do I know when my Citrix license expires?

Browse https://www.citrix.com/account/ and login with your citrix account. From the Dashboard, select Renew and Manage Maintenance Programs. ​At the top of page, select Manage Renewal Contacts. ​All current expiration dates are displayed in the Current Expiration column.

How much does XenServer cost?

XenServer is completely free. The only thing you pay for is the support, which is the $450/socket you mentioned.

How do I license my Citrix hypervisor?

Licensing a Citrix Hypervisor pool

  1. On the Tools menu, click License Manager.
  2. Select the Pool or Hosts you would like to license, and then click Assign License.
  3. In the Apply License dialog, specify the Edition type to assign to the host, and type the hostname or IP address of the License Server.

Which of the following are requirements to license XenServer?

XenServer 7.1 licensing requires Citrix License Server 11.13. 1.2 or higher….To license Citrix XenServer

  • Install the Citrix License Server and console.
  • Obtain your Citrix XenServer license files and load them on the Citrix License Server.
  • Configure licensing for each Citrix XenServer host using XenCenter or the xe CLI.

What is the default Citrix licensing grace period?

Citrix sets the grace period. It is typically 30 days but can vary depending upon the product.