Can I see how many downloads a podcast has?

Can I see how many downloads a podcast has?

If you access the Podcast Portal, Google provides a variety of metrics or reports regarding your podcast, including subscriptions, download numbers, and plays. Access the Google play Music Podcast Portal. Use your Google ID to sign in. Select a podcast that you want to check out.

What is a good number of downloads for a new podcast?

If your episodes get more than 124 downloads in 30 days, you’re in the top 50% of podcasts. If your episodes get more than 1,000 downloads, you’re in the top 20%. If your episodes get more than 2,900 downloads, you’re in the top 10%. If your episodes get more than 6,700 downloads you’re in the top 3%.

How are podcast downloads counted?

Generally, the podcasting industry uses the “download” to measure how many people are listening to a given show. Every time someone plays, streams, or downloads the MP3 from the Transistor server, that counts as a download.

How do I find my Apple podcast stats?

How to Access Apple Podcasts Analytics

  1. Sign in with the same Apple ID you used when you submitted your podcast.
  2. Select Podcast Analytics from the dropdown menu in the top-left corner.
  3. Dive into your listener data.

Is it better to download or stream podcasts?

So, for you as a podcaster it is better that listeners stream your show and do not download it. On the other hand, allowing your listeners to download your shows makes listening to your podcast more convenient.

Can Apple podcast see who listens?

For example, you can see the number of users who listened to an episode and the average listening time for an episode. Note: If average consumption is over 100%, one or more unique devices listened to the entire episode more than once.

How do I find my Spotify podcast stats?

If your podcast is on Spotify, you can now see your stats right here in your Acast Analytics dashboard. Click the Analytics button at the top, then scroll down to Top Players.