How do you set up Aloha POS?

How do you set up Aloha POS?

Install Details

  1. Log in to your Olo Dashboard, on the left side menu click Brand and POS Downloads.
  2. Choose NCR Aloha as the POS Software.
  3. Double click on the downloaded OloAlohaService_live file to start the install.
  4. Click Next through the default install location until prompted for a username and password.

How do I change prices in Aloha?

Aloha POS. This assumes you are using button level pricing. If you set prices at the item level simply go to “Items” and change the price from the “Price” tab of the item. If you are using price levels refer to the manual.

How do you make a menu on Aloha?

First in Aloha Manager, go to maintenance >> menu >> item and create new item with new ID.

  1. After item has been added, go to maintenance >> menu >> category and add the new item in respective category.
  2. After doing this, go to maintenance >> menu >> sub menu to create a button at cashier POS interface.

What is Aloha Quick Service?

Aloha Quick Service provides critical metrics, including inventory quick counts, labour costs and sales at the category and product level. • Intuitive functionality increases accuracy. Aloha Quick Service streamlines order input. The POS system also provides intuitive substitutions for combo items, decreasing errors.

How do I get a refund on Aloha POS?

RE: Refunds Using Aloha In Tender Keys, check “Can Refund” for each payment key that you want to allow a refund on. To complete a Refund (Table Service): Go to Functions/Financial and select REfund. Enter a Mgr # if prompted. Now key in or scan the items you want to refund.

How do you update Aloha?

Browse to the website….Update the other ALOHA instance.

  1. Go to the Setup tab and, in the Firmware section, click Browse to upload the .
  2. Click Update and then Reboot.