What is RG 188 cable?

What is RG 188 cable?

RG188 Coaxial Cable is a 50-ohm coax cable ideal for use in a variety of applications, including direct burial applications. This cable features a silver-covered copper-clad steel inner conductor, solid PTFE dielectric, and a white Type VIIA PTFE jacket as specified by MIL-C-17.

Can I use RG6 instead of RG8?

RG6 cables are mainly used for cable internet, cable TV, and that is the most significant difference between the popular RG6 coaxial cables and RG8 cables. RG8 is unable to carry clear video signals because of its design and, consequently, is more appropriate for radio signals.

What size is coaxial cable?

Coaxial Cable Sizes

Coaxial cable type Outside diameter Outside diameter
RG-6 6.90mm 0.275″
RG-62 6.15mm 0.242″
RG-11 10.30mm 0.405″
RG-12 14.10mm 0.555″

Is RG316 better than RG58?

LMR-200 also replaces RG58 and has the same 0.195” OD as LMR-195 cable. The difference is that LMR-200 has a slightly thicker center conductor, allowing it to cut down on signal loss a bit better than LMR-195.

What kind of coaxial cable is RG-316?

Friday, February 3, 2012 Type RG-316 RG-174 RG-188 Shield 20-40dB 20-40dB 20-40dB Dielectric PTFE Polyethylene PTFE Loss at 1 GHz 26 27 27 Loss at 18 GHz 90 95 100

What’s the difference between RG-316 and rgg-174?

Friday, February 3, 2012 Type RG-316 RG-174 RG-188 Temp -70C-+200 -50C+85C -200C +250C Jacket FEP PVC PTFE Shield 20-40dB 20-40dB 20-40dB Dielectric PTFE Polyethylene PTFE

How much shielding does a coaxial cable have?

Coaxial cables can vary from 15 dB of shielding to over 100 dB of shielding. Construction of the shielding can be very different. Example: there a braid shield, foil shield woven wires etc. The foil shield will provide high quality shielding but is subject to breakage at the crimp.

Which is the best type of coaxial cable to use?

The materials the cable is made of determine the temperature. PTFE –200 to +250C has the largest temperature range. PVC has a very modest range –50 to +85C, but PVC is very inexpensive and that temperature range is suitable for indoor applications. PVC Jacket will last about ½ as long as Polyethylene with a black carbon black jacket.