Who built Sandal Castle?

Who built Sandal Castle?

William de Warenne
The first castle at Sandal was probably built by William de Warenne in the early 12th century after he had been granted possession of the Manor of Wakefield. This first castle was built of timber and the site was not rebuilt in stone until the early 13th century.

When was Sandal castle built?

12th century
Sandal Castle was probably first built in the early 12th century after William de Warenne received the Manor of Wakefield from Henry I in about 1106. The earthwork motte and bailey castle was probably completed by about 1130.

What is Sandal Castle famous for?

The castle is best known for the role it played in the Battle of Wakefield in 1460 during the Wars of the Roses where Richard, Duke of York was killed. Remains of the 13th century stone castle and the fine motte and bailey can still be seen today.

When was Sandal Castle destroyed?

Due to its long resistance during the Civil War, Sandal Castle joined the long list of fortifications condemned by Parliament and between 1646 and 1648 it was systematically demolished. It was left in ruins and subsequently quarried for its stone.

Who lived in Sandal Castle?

The castle in the reign of King Edward III Edward Balliol (1283 – 1367) of Scotland resided at Sandal, while an army was raised to establish him on the throne of Scotland.

What battles happened at Sandal Castle?


  • 1.1 The Warennes.
  • 1.2 The Dukes of York.
  • 1.3 The Battle of Wakefield.
  • 1.4 Richard III.
  • 1.5 The English Civil War.

Is Sandal castle free?

Sandal Castle is open every day, is free entry and there is no need to book in advance.

Where was the Battle of Wakefield?

WakefieldSandal Magna
Battle of Wakefield/Locations

Did Sandal Castle have a moat?

The barbican at Sandal was inside the bailey; it was a three-storey tower with a moat opposite two drum towers at the entrance to the keep, all of which were constructed in the early 1270s.

Can you walk around Sandal Castle?

It’s a lovely walk round the lake and the walk up to Sandal Castle gives fab views over the surrounding countryside. Distance: 3-4 miles depending on the path you take. Pushchairs: Whilst the path round the lake is perfect for buggies, the path up to the castle is not!

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