What is Cisco Finesse agent desktop?

What is Cisco Finesse agent desktop?

Cisco Finesse is a next-generation agent and supervisor desktop designed to provide a collaborative experience for the various communities that interact with your customer service organization. A 100 percent browser-based desktop implemented through a web 2.0 interface; no client-side installations required.

How do I log into Cisco Finesse?

Sign In to the Finesse Desktop

  1. Enter the following URL in the address bar of your browser:
  2. In the ID field, enter your agent ID or username.
  3. In the Password field, enter your password.
  4. In the Extension field, enter the extension of your phone.
  5. Click Sign In.

What is the use of Cisco Finesse?

Cisco Finesse is like a remote control for the call center agent. It helps agent to control her Cisco phone remotely. She can answer a call, make a call, transfer an existing call without touching her Cisco IP Phone or Jabber Phone. Cisco Finesse also helps agent to set her availability for taking calls from the queue.

How much is Cisco Finesse?

Gadgets for Cisco Finesse Pricing Overview Gadgets for Cisco Finesse pricing starts at $199.00 as a flat rate, as a one-time payment. They do not have a free version.

Does Cisco Finesse record calls?

Integration of Imagicle Call Recording gadget into Finesse allows the users to trigger the recording, pause/resume it and browse own audio recordings directly within Finesse web client.

What is finesse used for?

Finesse refers to the skill and cleverness someone shows in the way they deal with a situation or problem.

What is the URL for Cisco Finesse?

Procedure. Direct your browser to http://FQDN/cfadmin, where FQDN is the fully qualified domain name of your primary Finesse server.

How do I log into finesse?

Logging into Finesse Desktop

  1. Open IP communicator application.
  2. Using FireFox or Chrome browser, navigate to Finesse Desktop.
  3. In the ID field enter your StarID.
  4. In the Password field enter your StarID password.
  5. In the Extension field enter the 10 digit extension number displayed on your IP phone.
  6. Click “Sign in”

Does finesse work with Jabber?

However, in order to use Jabber with Cisco Finesse, you must sign into a secure VPN connection to the campus network. You must be connected to a secure VPN connection in order to use Finesse. Together, Jabber and Finesse allow you to answer phone calls for your call center while working remotely.

What is Cisco MediaSense?

MediaSense is the media-capture platform for Cisco Unified Communications. MediaSense uses Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) to provide user-authentication services.

What does it mean to finesse a girl?

What does it mean to finesse a girl? To persuade It is similar to “buttering up” or “working” a person. Males who often finesse women are known as players.

How to sign in to Cisco finesse agent?

Click Sign In. The Sign In button is enabled once the username, password, and extension fields are entered. If any field is incomplete, the Sign In button remains disabled. If sign in fails due to device errors the desktop attempts to automatically sign in again.

What is the Cisco finesse agent desktop by novelvox?

Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop by NovelVox is an advanced contact center solution that caters to the needs of agents and customers simultaneously. From increasing agent efficiency to improving CSAT, the cisco agent desktop takes care of everything.

How many characters are there in Cisco finesse?

If your contact center does not have a language pack installed for Cisco Finesse, the desktop locale is English only. In the Username field, enter your agent ID or username. Cisco Finesse agent usernames are restricted to 7-bit printable ASCII characters (any of the 94 characters with the numeric values from 33 to 126).

How does a finesse agent close the desktop?

Agent closes the desktop without logging out. Agent is logged in to one device (computer or phone) and tries to log in to a second device. The Agent Statistics Report presents performance statistics of the agents for the current day, since midnight. The report includes a table that display the following information: