How much is park and ride at the Atlanta airport?

How much is park and ride at the Atlanta airport?

Atlanta Airport Parking Rates

Lots Rate
Daily Parking (Covered Deck) for Terminal North and Terminal South $3/hr. $19/day maximum Lost Ticket Fee = maximum daily rate
Economy Parking $3/hr. $14/day maximum Lost Ticket Fee = maximum daily rate
Park-Ride Lots A and C $3/hr. $10/day maximum Lost Ticket Fee = maximum daily rate

Where does Park N Fly pick up at ATL?

OUR NEW PICK-UP LOCATION IS LOCATED ON THE NORTH LOWER LEVEL AT THE LN 1 DOOR. TAKE THE ELEVATOR OR ESCALATOR DOWN BY THE NORTH TERMINAL BAGGAGE CLAIM TO LN 1. Though traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport can be daunting, your airport parking at ATL doesn’t have to be.

How do you pay at Park N Fly?

Payment is made at the counter in the Valet building or directly on the Park’N Fly app with your reservation. Your car will be ready for your return inside the building. To exit the facility, scan your reservation and exit the lot.

Is there free parking at Atlanta airport?

Does Atlanta Airport offer free parking? Yes. Recently, Atlanta airport has opened a free 160-space cell phone lot for the South terminal at the east end of the park-ride reserve lot. Passengers cannot leave vehicles unattended, and airport officials will monitor the lot.

How early should you arrive at Atlanta airport?

two hours
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport in the world, recommends that travelers arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to their scheduled departure time for domestic flights, and three hours for international flights, which seems like the most consistent recommendation.

Is there free parking at the Atlanta airport?

How do you cancel Park and Fly?

Click on “Find Reservation”. Click on “Cancel you reservation” link to cancel. Please email us at [email protected] if you need assistance.

Where is the best place to park at ATL?

Best Airport Parking in Atlanta, GA

  • Peachy Airport Parking. 10.3 mi.
  • Airport Park & Ride. 12.6 mi.
  • PreFlight Airport Parking. 12.7 mi.
  • The Parking Spot 1. 12.7 mi.
  • Atlanta Airport Park-Ride. 13.2 mi.
  • Park ‘N Fly Atlanta Plus. 12.6 mi.
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – ATL. 12.3 mi.
  • WallyPark Airport Parking. 12.6 mi.

Is there parking at ATL airport in Atlanta?

Celebrating 50 years in business, Park ‘N Fly has earned its expertise in parking at ATL airport. Today, Park ‘N Fly is America’s leading provider of valet and self-parking for travelers, with facilities in 14 major markets and over 80 affiliate locations.

How does Park N Fly work at ATL?

Park ‘N Fly Plus offers premium amenities such as: Car charging to take care of your car in ATL airport parking while you are taking care of business elsewhere. Covered parking to protect your car from being affected by rain, sun, or snow while staying in Hartsfield-Jackson airport parking.

Where is the airport parking at College Park GA?

Daily Parking (Covered Deck): This 4-level overnight parking area is directly across from each terminal. Economy Parking: The North and South are next to the parking decks. ATL West Parking: Coming Soon -Located at 4199 Skytrain Way, College Park, GA 30337.

Is there parking at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport?

Park ‘N Fly Plus’s close proximity to the airport and high levels of customer services, make us the No. 1 parking destination around the Hartsfield Jackson Airport. One stay with us and you’ll know we are more than just parking and strive to make your travel experience as easy as possible.