Who won the MLB World Series in 2008?

Who won the MLB World Series in 2008?

Philadelphia Phillies
2008 World Series/Champion

What was the score of the 2007 World Series?

Boston Red Sox over Colorado Rockies (4-0)

Who threw the last pitch of the 2008 World Series?

Brad Lidge’s
Brad Lidge’s final pitch and World Series win combine in one emotional GIF | MLB.com.

Who did the Rays lose to in the World Series?

The Rays’ season ended with a 3-1 loss to the Dodgers in Game 6 of the World Series on Tuesday night, a game they led into the sixth inning until manager Kevin Cash made a decision that will be long scrutinized.

Who won World Series in 2009?

New York Yankees
2009 World Series/Champion
New York Yankees In 2009 the Yankees returned to the World Series for the first time in six years, under Joe Girardi, who had become the Yankees’ manager in 2008. In six games the Yankees dethroned the Philadelphia Phillies, en route to winning their 27th World Series title.

Has any team won 3 World Series in a row?

The Yankees also achieved a remarkable run in which they appeared in 15 of the 18 World Series from 1947 to 1964….World Series appearance (pennant) streaks.

Length Team Seasons
3 Chicago Cubs 1906–1908
3 Detroit Tigers 1907–1909
3 New York Giants 1911–1913
3 New York Yankees 1921–1923

Who did the Yankees beat in 2009 World Series?

the Phillies
The Yankees defeated the Phillies, 4 games to 2, winning their 27th World Series championship.

Who did the Tigers play in the World Series in 2006?

St. Louis Cardinals
2006 World Series – St. Louis Cardinals over Detroit Tigers (4-1) | Baseball-Reference.com.

Who was the winner of the World Series in 2008?

The 2008 World Series was the championship series of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) 2008 season. The 104th edition of the World Series, it was a best-of-seven playoff between the National League (NL) champion Philadelphia Phillies and the American League (AL) champion Tampa Bay Rays; the Phillies won the series, four games to one.

Who was third baseman for Tampa Bay in 2008 World Series?

Tampa Bay third baseman Evan Longoria, pictured during the 2008 regular season, got his first hit in Game 5. Philadelphia scored in the first inning for the third consecutive game, taking a 2–0 lead when Shane Victorino batted in Jayson Werth and Chase Utley.

When did the World Series start and end?

The best-of-seven series was played between the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League and the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League. The Series started on Wednesday, October 22, and concluded a week later on October 29. Due to weather delays in Game 5, the completion of the game was postponed.

When did the Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series?

Philadelphia traded sweeps with the Los Angeles Dodgers in August and went 13–3 in their last 16 games, to win National League East title for the second consecutive season. They defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in the Division Series 3–1, and the Dodgers in the Championship Series, 4–1 to book their place in the 2008 Fall Classic.