What kind of paint do you use on pinball playfield?

What kind of paint do you use on pinball playfield?

If you are not going to clear coat the playfield (as described in the next section), it is much more important to sand your touched up area flat, and following with Novus2 to polish the area, and wax. Personally if you are not going to clearcoat, a better type of paint to use is Testor’s Enamels.

How do I use Mylar?

How to Glue Mylar

  1. Spray the side of the Mylar being glued with contact cement.
  2. Spray the surface of the object with contact cement and wait 30 seconds.
  3. Place the side of Mylar covered in contact cement onto the object. The Mylar will almost instantaneously be glued to the object once the contact cement sides touch. Tip.

How do I dissolve Mylar?

Using a pipet, I applied Goo Gone to the edge of the Mylar, let it soak in a few seconds and then gently pulled it up, applying more Goo Gone every quarter inch. Placing the playfield on a slight incline helps keep the Goo Gone concentrated against the edge of the Mylar.

How do you seal pinball Backglass?

The “go to” sealer for flaky backglass on old vintage pinball machines is Krylon Triple Thick. Stop further damage from flaking paint cause by the hot lights in the pinball backbox. Repair and repaint what you can and then seal it with Triple Thick.

What kind of paint do you use on a pinball cabinet?

If repainting the entire cabinet, I personally like to use auto acyrlic lacquer or enamel paint and a spray system. But often good results can be used just with good quality (Krylon) spray cans. Light sanding between coats (600 to 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper) is recommended.

How do I reset my pinball playfield?

Pinball Restoration: Playfield

  1. Build a tabletop frame to hold the playfield level.
  2. Carefully remove and store the playfield elements.
  3. Tumble polish metal pieces.
  4. Cleaning the playfield.
  5. Touching up the paint.
  6. Filling In the Inserts.
  7. Spray a thick coat of Varathane.
  8. Sand down the high spots.