What does turn down for what video mean?

What does turn down for what video mean?

At its core, turn down for what is a phrase used to promote having a good time. The phrase itself implies that there is no reason to turn down and stop partying. It seeks to feed the hype of whatever is going on.

Who is the girl in the turn down for what video?

Sunita Mani
Sunita Mani is an actress, dancer, and comedian notable for her appearance in viral music video “Turn Down for What” (2013) and as part of the Cocoon Central Dance Team.

Who made the song turn it down for what?

DJ Snake
Lil Jon
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What genre is turn down for what?

Electronic dance music
Trap musicHip-Hop/Rap
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What is turndown?

Definition of turn down (Entry 3 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to reduce the height or intensity of by turning a control turn down the radio. 2 : to fold or double down. 3 : to decline to accept : reject turned down the offer.

Is Turn Down for What non copyright?

Thanks in large part to an eye-catching music video (670 million views thus far!) and a manic hook, “Turn Down for What” experienced crossover success few artists ever enjoy. Now, though, the song is in the cross-hairs of a copyright lawsuit filed Thursday in New York federal court.

What is the phrasal verb of turn down?

to refuse to accept or agree to something, or to refuse someone’s request: The bank turned her down for a loan.

What does Turn Down for What means?

“Turn down for what” is a song about keeping the partying going. “Fire up that loud/Another round of shots” is Lil Jon telling you or someone to keep the party going. (Loud is slang for good quality marijuana.) “Turn down for what?” is a rhetorical question.

Why turndown service is important?

Many upper scale hotels have a turn-down service in order to offer the utmost comfort to their guests. The turn-down service involves preparing the room for the night so that a client feels at home and can easily go to bed upon returning to his room.