Do you lace Converse to the top?

Do you lace Converse to the top?

Though the basic appearance of the shoe has remained constant, manufacturing decisions changed through the years, and Converse high-tops often come with laces that are too short to be laced comfortably and stylishly. With the right laces, you should have no problem lacing and tying your high tops.

How do you lace double layer Converse?

Lace up the shoe with a new shoestring and use the outside eyelets. Lift the tongue up so you lace under it. Lay it flat against the laces to lace the last of the outside eyelets. Put the Converse double-upper low tops on your feet and adjust the laces so they’re comfortable.

What are the two holes on Converse for?

Initially made for playing basketball, the holes allow air to get into the shoe – much like the breathable material your gym trainers are made out of – and help stop your feet getting sweaty.

What are the extra holes in Converse for?

What are the 2 holes on the side of Converse for?

The holes allow air to circulate around and stop your feet getting all sweaty.

What are the 2 holes in Converse for?

What are the two eyelets on Converse for?

Turns out, the holes in the sides of Converse have a purpose I know I have. Well, wonder no more – it turns out their first purpose is to provide a little ~ventilation to your feet. The holes allow air to circulate around and stop your feet getting all sweaty.

What’s the best way to tie laces on Converse?

Pull “Side A” through the right eyelet and “Side B” through the left eyelet at the top pair. Tie them together with a standard shoelace bow to complete your look! You can also tuck the laces underneath the cushion of your shoe so you don’t have laces hanging out of the top. Choose the right shoelaces based on your number of eyelets.

What kind of shoelaces do you need for Converse?

The shoelace length depends on the number of eyelet pairs on your Converse shoes. You will need two different shoelaces in separate colors for this lacing style, but the two laces should be equal in length. You should select flat shoelaces that are fairly thin.

What kind of shoes do converse women wear?

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How do you get side a out of Converse?

Pull “Side A” out of the bottom left eyelet and through the second-to-bottom right eyelet. Make sure that the shoelaces are twisted so that “Color Two” is now on top while “Color One” is hidden on the bottom. A diagonal line should connect the bottom and second-to-bottom holes on opposing sides of the Converse.