What is the police number in the Netherlands?

What is the police number in the Netherlands?

The emergency number for the Netherlands is 112. Non-emergency is 0900-8844 or +31 (0)34 357-8844 (This number has a base rate of 9.4 cents and 2.76 cents per minute).

What is the Dutch emergency number?

You should call 112 for urgent assistance in life-threatening situations or if you witness a crime. The number can be used to report emergencies of various types, such as a road accident, a fire or an intruder, where every second counts.

Does 999 work in the Netherlands?

What should I do in an emergency situation in the Netherlands? Call 112: In life-threatening situations, call the emergency helpline by dialing 112. 112 is a Europe-wide emergency helpline, equivalent of 911 in the United States or 999 in the United Kingdom.

Does 911 work in the Netherlands?

Emergencies in the Netherlands: 112 The emergency number for police, fire, or ambulance in the Netherlands is 112. The pan-European 112 emergency operators also speak English.

How do I call a Dutch number?

Netherlands/Dialing codes

Is the police number toll free?

Please call the National Coronavirus Hotline: 0800 029 999, the Provincial hotline: 021 928 4102 or WhatsApp “Hi” to 060 012 3456 or email [email protected]….Know who you can call in an emergency.

Police Flying Squad 10111
Water (24 hours) 0860 103 089 (City of Cape Town only)
Safe Schools call centre 0800 454 647
Crime Stop 0860 010 111

Is ambulance free in the Netherlands?

It’s a free number, but everything comes after it may not be free! If you do not have health insurance, you will have to foot the bill for all treatment carried out. This includes the ambulance that will take you to the hospital.

Which country emergency number is 112?

In the following countries the emergency number 112 is active as well: Israel, Norway, Russia, Turkey, and Switzerland.