Who is the guru of Eknath Maharaj?

Who is the guru of Eknath Maharaj?

Janardan Swami
Janardan Swami (c. 1504 – c. 1575), or simply Janardan or Janardana was an Indian Hindu scholar, statesman, poet and saint. He was the spiritual guru of prominent 16th-century saint Eknath.

Who was Sant Eknath what was his work?

Eknath is best known for his translations of various Sanskrit texts into Marathi (the local language of the Maharashtra region of central India), his authorship of others in that language (e.g., a vernacular version of the Ramayana), and his restored edition of the then-corrupted classic of Marathi literature, the …

Where did eknath born?

Paithan, India
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When was Saint Eknath born?

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Which book is written by Sant Eknath?

Eknathi Bhagwat

Literary contribution. Eknath’s writings include a variation of the Hindu religious text Bhagavata Purana, known as Eknathi Bhagavata. He also wrote a variation of the Hindu epic Ramayana, known as Bhavarth Ramayan.

Which book did Sant Eknath portray pictures of common people life?

Sant Eknath He has stated Bhagvat Dharma in detail and in a simple manner. He has portrayed peoples life in Bhavarth Ramayana through the story of Ram. He demonstrated that there is no need to renounce worldly matters for attaining the highest truth, Paramarth.

What message did Sant Tukaram give answer?

Ans. i) Sant Tukaram preached to the people about the virtues of pity, forgiveness and peace of mind. ii) He also gave them the message of equality.

Who is the grandson of Sant Eknath?

He was then raised by his grandfather, Chakrapani. His great-grandfather Bhanudas was another revered saint of the Warkari sect. Eknath was a disciple of Janardan Swami who was a devotee of the Hindu deity Dattatreya. Eknath’s samadhi shrine is located at Paithan near the Godavari river.

What message did dnyaneshwar spread?

Sant Dnyaneshwar He preached the importance of the path of devotion. He showed a simple way of worship and conduct which the common people could follow easily.

Who was the greatest Bhakti poet of Maharashtra?

Solution(By Examveda Team) Tukaram, also referred to as Sant Tukaram, Bhakta Tukaram, Tukaram Maharaj, Tukoba and Tukobaraya, was a 17th-century Hindu poet and sant of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra. Tukaram was the great Marathi Varreni-Vaishnavie sect saint of Bhakti Movement.

Which language is used by Eknath and Tukaram?

Eknath and tukaram used Marathi.

Who gave solace to dnyaneshwar?

Dnyaneshwar’s advice to Changdev was given in 65 verses called the Changdev Pasasthi. Changdev became a disciple of Dnyaneshwar’s sister Muktabai.