Where is File option in PowerPoint 2010?

Where is File option in PowerPoint 2010?

In PowerPoint 2010, the Office Button is replaced by the File menu! However this File menu is completely different from what you might have used in older versions of PowerPoint. Figure 1 shows the location of the File menu, which is placed at towards the extreme left of the Ribbon (highlighted in red).

How do I export from PowerPoint 2010?

Select the File tab and click Export ( Save & Send in PowerPoint 2010). In the Export section ( Save & Send section in PowerPoint 2010), click Create Handouts . In the Create Handouts in Microsoft Word pane, click the Create Handouts button. In the Send To Microsoft Word dialog box, select a page layout.

How do you activate the Help menu of PowerPoint 2010?

in the upper right of Ribbon is ok. Apart from the Help button in the upper right Ribbon, you can also get Help information from the backstage view in PowerPoint 2010. Click the Help button under File tab, you will get help information.

Where is the option in PPT?

Within PowerPoint 2016, click the File menu option, as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 1. This opens Backstage View, as shown in Figure 2. Select Options as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 2. This summons the PowerPoint Options dialog box (see Figure 3).

How do I embed code in PowerPoint?

In PowerPoint, go to the slide where you want to insert the content. On the toolbar ribbon, select the Insert tab, select Video, and then select Online Video. The Insert Video dialog box opens. Paste the embed code in the box named From a Video Embed Code, and then press Enter.

Can you insert a PDF into PowerPoint?

In PowerPoint, select the slide that you want to add the file to, and then select Insert > Object. In the Insert Object box, select Create from file, and then enter the PDF file location; or, click Browse, find the PDF file, and then select OK. This makes the PDF file part of the presentation file.

How do I save a PowerPoint as 300 DPI?

Enter ExportBitmapResolution, and then press Enter. Make sure that ExportBitmapResolution is selected, and then select Modify on the Edit menu. In the Edit DWORD Value dialog box, select Decimal. In the Value data box, specify a resolution of 300.

What are the essential parts of the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?

Explore Windows in Powerpoint 2010

  • File Tab. This tab opens the Backstage view which basically allows you to manage the file and settings in PowerPoint.
  • Ribbon. The ribbon contains three components −
  • Title Bar. This is the top section of the window.
  • Slide Area.
  • Help.
  • Zoom Options.
  • Slide Views.
  • Notes Section.

How do you use pen in PowerPoint 2010?

To access the pen or highlighter: Hover and click the pen menu option in the bottom-left of your screen. Select Pen or Highlighter based on your preference. Use the pointer to draw on or mark your slides. From the same menu, you can also change the color of the pen or highlighter.