Who owns CCS fundraising?

Who owns CCS fundraising?

Robert Kissane is Chairman of CCS Fundraising, a global fundraising consulting and management firm specializing in philanthropic development for nonprofit organizations.

Is CCS fundraising a non-profit?

Our clients are among the most recognizable brands in the non-profit world. Established in 1947, CCS has developed and implemented successful development initiatives for leading non-profits across all sectors and throughout the world.

Can a consulting firm be a nonprofit?

A nonprofit consulting firm is a business composed of experts in various aspects of the nonprofit sector. These individuals work with organizations of all shapes, sizes, and missions to improve the organization’s overall performance in a number of ways.

What is the Orr group?

The Orr Group is an independent investment banking firm that provides merger & acquisition, financing and strategic guidance & valuation advisory services to middle market companies.

What skills do you need for fundraising?

Here are some top fundraising skills every professional should have:

  • Great Interpersonal Skills.
  • Commitment to the Cause.
  • Determination/Resilience.
  • Perseverance.
  • Integrity/Honesty.
  • Being Adaptable.
  • Ability to Tell Compelling Stories.
  • Ability to Research Donors In Depth.

Can a 501c3 charge for services?

Being a nonprofit doesn’t mean you can’t ever charge money for goods and services. Nonprofits need to get comfortable charging fees, however, because not only is doing so perfectly legal, but such fees can be an important source of additional revenue, allowing for growth and ultimately serving the mission.

Who owns roll20?

The Orr Group, LLC

Type of site Online virtual tabletop
Owner The Orr Group, LLC
Created by Riley Dutton, Nolan Jones, Richard Zayas
URL www.roll20.net
Registration Yes