Who is the strongest in Buso Renkin?

Who is the strongest in Buso Renkin?

Interestingly Bravo’s Silver Skin is the most powerful defensive type Buso Renkin, while Hiwatari’s Blaze of Glory is the most powerful offensive type Buso Renkin.

Does Kazuki love Tokiko?

She often admires his optimism and virtue, but can be annoyed at him when he is acting goofy. She is extremely affectionate, and truly and deeply cares for Kazuki, getting deeply upset and grieves whenever he is wounded and as well lamented for him when she thought he was dead. Kazuki is Tokiko’s first and true love.

Does Kazuki come back Buso Renkin?

Enraged, Kazuki hits Mita several times with a metal pole, but Mita pushes him back causing him to have a flashback of when Tokiko brought him back to life. He gets back up and activates his Buso Renkin, using it to burst through Mita, saving Mahiro.

Is Kazuki Kazami still alive?

After her “death”, her mind was integrated with the Thanatos System by CIRS. Later on, it was found that she still has a functioning body….

Kazuki Kazami
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Relatives Yuuji Kazami (Younger Brother) Satoko Kazami (Mother) Ryouji Kazami (Father)
Voice Actor Akane Tomonaga

Did Buso Renkin get Cancelled?

The fate of a certain character in Rurouni Kenshin was completely altered, due to public outcry. However, his other series, Busou Renkin, ended up being ended prematurely/canceled because he chose not to change the fate of a certain character that time around.

What is Buso Renkin?

The narrative of Buso Renkin follows Kazuki Muto, who saves Tokiko Tsumura and is killed by an alchemical monster known as a homunculus. Tokiko, an alchemist warrior, feels responsible and revives him by replacing his destroyed heart with a kakugane (核鉄).

Is Busou Renkin worth watching?

If you’re looking for a series that’s 26 episodes long that’s rather enjoyable to watch, but nothing “;eye-popping,” as well as something with romance, Busou Renkin is something you definitely should check out.

Is Yumiko actually dead?

The dorm’s interior was destroyed as Yumiko laid on the floor, blood on the walls, and her burnt body on the floor. Later in the series it is revealed that she faked her own death with the help of Yuuji Kazami so that she will be free from the Sakaki Group.