Does Eddie Vedder sing hunger strike?

Does Eddie Vedder sing hunger strike?

“Hunger Strike” was written by vocalist Chris Cornell. It features a duet between Cornell and vocalist Eddie Vedder. Cornell was having trouble with the vocals at practice, when Vedder stepped in.

Who is singing in hunger strike?

Temple of the Dog
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Who wrote Temple of the Dog hunger strike?

Chris Cornell
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What happens if you dont eat in jail?

If the individual is refusing both fluids and food, then deterioration is expected rapidly, with risk of death as early as seven to fourteen days. Deterioration of muscle strength and increased risk of infection can occur within three days of fasting.

Is hunger strike legal in USA?

The Federal Government has promulgated regulations governing hunger strikes in Federal prisons. These regulations leave the decisionmaking to the prison medical officials, who determines when force-feeding shall begin.

What happens to your body when you go on a hunger strike?

What Does A Hunger Strike Do To The Human Body? Long-term refusal of food affects most organs and systems in the human body. Such behavior causes muscle weakness, vulnerability to infections, psychological problems, and, eventually, organ failure.