What are some fun facts about gerbils?

What are some fun facts about gerbils?


  • Gerbils were originally known as ‘desert rats’ before they were introduced to North America and Europe as a companion species.
  • Gerbils are able to shed their tail if it gets caught.
  • Gerbils build extensive networks of underground tunnels.
  • Gerbils’ whole bodies, including their tails, are covered with fur.

What do North African gerbils eat?

Food Habits Saltwort (Salsola collina), bristle grass (Setaria viridis), and lyme grass (Leymus chinensis) are also eaten. Gerbils conserve both water and fat extremely well. They conserve water by producing a highly concentrated urine and dry feces.

What is a gerbil for kids?

From just mice and rats the gerbil has a tail with hair and it ends with a tassel. A gerbil is around 5-6 inches long but with the tail it is around 11-12 inches….Gerbil facts for kids.

Quick facts for kids Gerbil Temporal range: late Miocene – Recent
Suborder: Myomorpha
Superfamily: Muroidea
Family: Muridae
Subfamily: Gerbillinae Gray, 1825

Are gerbils from Africa?

Gerbil Breeds In the wild gerbils live in communal burrows in dry grasslands and semi-deserts, ranging from Africa throughout the Middle East and into India and Central Asia.

Do gerbils have good memory?

Gerbils aren’t famed for their memories, and they can’t remember things as well as humans. However, they can learn and remember things, even from a long time ago. They can learn things like basic commands, names, nice or unpleasant people, and more.

Are gerbils friendly with kids?

Gerbils make great pets for kids. They supply endless hours of entertainment and fun. Even though caring for a gerbil is easy and straightforward, there are some things that parents and children should be aware of before bringing one of these friendly rodents into your home.

What eats the Mongolian gerbil?

The major predators of Mongolian gerbils are humans, snakes and birds of prey. If a predator is detected, frightened Mongolian gerbils will drum their feet to communicate to other gerbils that a predator is nearby. Mongolian gerbils have strong hind legs which help them jump away from predators.

How long does a gerbil live?

Pachyuromys duprasi: 5 – 7 years
Great gerbil: 2 – 4 years

What is the most common gerbil?

The most common breed of pet gerbil is the Mongolian gerbil, whose scientific name (meriones unguiculatus) translates to “little clawed warrior” in Latin. There are many species of gerbils, over 80 of which have been identified, and you can probably see how well this translation physically describes your gerbil.

How are gerbils social animals in the wild?

Gerbils are social animals, and live in groups in the wild. They rely on their sense of smell to identify other members of their clan, so it is important to use what is commonly referred to as the “split tank method” when introducing gerbils from separate litters.

How big is the tail of a gerbil?

The average length of a gerbil is usually between six and twelve inches, this includes the tail which makes up one half of the total length. The gerbil is also a common household pet. Species of gerbil include: Fat-tailed gerbil, whose tail gets bigger when it eats.

When was the gerbil introduced to the pet industry?

Gerbils are known to attack and often kill those carrying an unfamiliar scent. Gerbils were first introduced to the pet industry in 1964. These were the Mongolian gerbils. Their value as pets was soon appreciated and they are now found in pet shops throughout the United Kingdom and United States.