What is the G-884 form for?

What is the G-884 form for?

Use Form G-884, Request for the Return of Original Documents, to request the return of original documents submitted to establish eligibility for an immigration or citizenship benefit. NOTE: If you filed a form that requested original documents, we will automatically return those originals to you.

Can I file Form G-884 online?

Now that USCIS has it, she can file form G-884, Return of Original Documents. There’s no filing fee. You can get the form and filing instructions online at uscis.gov or by calling 800-870-3676.

Do I send original documents to USCIS?

If the document was specifically prepared for USCIS then the original document should be filed. As a general rule, if the document was prepared specifically for your USCIS case then you are required to file the original.

How long USCIS keep records?

USCIS controls the subject’s A-File for 100 years from the date of birth, and then transfers the files to NARA for permanent retention. NFTS continues to store the file location information even after a file is retired for accurate records keeping purposes.

What happens if USCIS lost my file?

If USCIS has already lost your application, the easiest thing to do is file another copy. If you have saved a copy of all documents, you can re-file fairly easily. Remember, the application needs an original signature. You’ll also need to cancel your check and write a new check.

Can I FedEx to USCIS?

You may submit your forms through USPS, FedEx, DHL, or UPS. Forms are available by mail, by calling the Contact Center, or by downloading or printing forms from the All Forms page.

What is the best way to mail documents to USCIS?

In the United States, one good option is Priority Mail from the U.S. Postal Service, which comes with a mailing receipt. Or, using a courier service such as FedEx or UPS is an excellent possibility, since they specialize in tracking. (Just make sure to send it to the address for courier services, not the regular P.O.

What happens if USCIS returned my application?

If the application you submit to immigration is missing something critical, the entire package will be rejected by immigration returned back to you. If your application is denied, you will not get any filing fees back, and risk being put in front of an Immigration Judge.