What can you catch with the old rod in HeartGold?

What can you catch with the old rod in HeartGold?

With the Old Rod, you can walk up to water and start fishing for Water-type Pokémon. Unlike the Old Rod in Red/Blue/Yellow, this Rod can catch something other than Magikarp (although you will end up catching a lot of those).

Where do you catch Horsea in fire red?

Game locations

Red Seafoam Islands Routes 19, 20, and 21, Seafoam Islands, Cinnabar Island (Super Rod)
Blue (Japan) Rocket Game Corner, Seafoam Islands Routes 19, 20, and 21, Seafoam Islands, Cinnabar Island (Super Rod)
Yellow Routes 10, 11, 12, and 13, Vermilion City (Super Rod)

What Rod do you need to catch Horsea?

2 Answers. Well, Horsea is always found at Level 25, therefore it would take eight levels for it to evolve. You have the Super Rod therefore you have past Route 15, which has Pokemon approaching Level 40.

Can you only catch Magikarp with old rod?

A key item that is used to catch mostly Magikarp and Tentacool, but Goldeen and other small fish can also be catch using an Old Rod. It is given to the player early in the game by a Fisherman in every generation, with the exception of Generation V, in which the only rod to make an appearance is the Super Rod.

What Pokémon can be caught with Super rod?

What Pokemon Can You Catch With a Super Rod in “Pokemon Sapphire”…

  • Catching a Wailmer.
  • Fishing for Sharpedo.
  • Staryu Fishing Locations.
  • Snagging a Luvdisc.
  • Wild Corsola Locations.
  • Finding Corphish.
  • Gyarados and Magikarp.

Is Kingdra a good Pokémon?

Kingdra is a very lethal threat in the UU tier with its solid stats and unique Water / Dragon typing (which gives it a neutrality to Grass- and Electric-type attacks that most other Water-types are weak to). Kingdra is a Pokemon you must prepare for if you want a successful UU team.

Is Horsea a good Pokémon?

Horsea has the stats of a first-stage Pokémon at a point where your kids are becoming teens. It has good Special Attack and Defense of all things, but its awfully low HP and low special defense make it hard to keep alive, and its speed is decent but not that great.

Where do you get the good rod fire red?

1 Answer. Below lavender town there is a big pathway on the water. There is a house that is just a little bit below you can find Snorlax and the fisherman will give you a super rod, and then in Fuschia city in the house next to the safari zone warden’s house. There is another fisherman that will give you a good rod.

Where do you catch horsea in silver?

Whirl Islands
Gen I Trade

Locations – In-Depth Details
Gold Whirl Islands
Silver Whirl Islands
Crystal Whirl Islands