What happened to Red Jacket Firearms owner?

What happened to Red Jacket Firearms owner?

The Aftermath. Hayden left multiple victims in his smoking crater of destruction, but by most reports, his victims, family, and former business partners are moving on with their lives. Notably, his shop, Red Jacket Firearms, is now closed.

Why was top shot Cancelled will Hayden?

Shortly after the show wrapped its fifth season on Discovery in 2014, star Will Hayden was arrested and charged with child molestation and aggravated rape. On the basis of the seriousness of the charges, Discovery dropped the show.

What is Hickok45 favorite gun?

Over time, he expanded his presentations to include a greater variety of weapons, while emphasizing safety. He tends to prefer Glock pistols over those of other manufacturers.


Rick Lyons – Owner – BERETTA9mmUSA | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of Red Jacket Firearms?

Well, the owner of Red Jacket Firearms and star of the Discovery Channel reality TV show that was popular from 2011 to 2014 turned out to be a terrible, terrible person. To make a long — and sordid — story short, Hayden rose to fame as a reality TV star on the aforementioned show, which detailed the workings of the firearms business he founded.

When did Will Hayden of red jacket get arrested?

Will Hayden was arrested by police in 2014. Initially, an employee of his store, Rebecca Ramsey, testified against the businessman. On August 4, 2014, she went into her boss’s house and saw Hayden kissing a schoolgirl in the living room. The next day, Ramsey reported him at the sheriff’s office.

Who was the judge who sentenced Will Hayden?

On July 12, 2017, after pleading no contest to the charges facing him, Hayden was sentenced by Livingston Parish Judge Robert Morrison to a third life sentence for rape. Morrison ordered that the new sentence shall run concurrently with Hayden’s previously ordered sentences.

Who was the chief gunsmith on Red Jacket?

Vince Buckles – Former chief gunsmith of the store, left Red Jacket at the end of season 2, now works part-time as an outside contractor. Christopher Ford (Kris Ford) – Production Manager (started as a student, Stephanie’s husband). Joe Meaux – Executive Director/Gunsmith/Machine Tool Operator/Webmaster.