Is it bad for cats to eat cat litter?

Is it bad for cats to eat cat litter?

Litter is not good for cats to eat, but some litter is more dangerous than others. Clumping litter contains sodium bentonite, and it is especially dangerous for cats. The sodium bentonite can clump inside of their intestines and cause a blockage. In extreme cases, it can even cause bentonite toxicosis when ingested.

Why do some cats eat cat litter?

Most cat litters contain minerals that cats can smell. If they’re lacking a certain vitamin or mineral in their diet such as vitamin A, magnesium, taurine, etc., they may start chewing kitty litter to try to solve the problem themselves.

Can litter make a cat sick?

Dirty litter boxes can cause kidney, bladder, and urinary tract diseases in cats. When a kitty squats over a pile of feces, bacteria can travel up the urethra, wreaking havoc all along the way. And since UTIs are often asymptomatic in cats, your kitty could be sick a long time before you know to get treatment for her.

What can I use instead of cat litter?

There are many cat litter alternatives out there, but these are ten of the best that are frequently chosen and approved by cat parents.

  1. Shred Newspaper and Junk Mail.
  2. Use Wood Shavings or Sawdust.
  3. Chicken feed.
  4. Use Sand as Cat Litter.
  5. Alfalfa pellets.
  6. Horse bedding pellets.
  7. Whole Wheat.
  8. Potting soil.

Can a cat be allergic to cat litter?

Cat litter that is especially dusty or has a lot of fragrance will cause cats with litter allergies more problems than fragrance-free and minimal dust litters. Cat litter may contain chemicals, bentonite, silica dust, clay and/or fragrances that can cause your cat to exhibit allergies and begin avoiding the litter box.

Can indoor cats get feline leukemia?

Can Indoor Cats Get Feline Leukemia? It’s important to remember that indoor cats can be infected with FeLV; they’re just less likely due to the reduced chances of being exposed to another cat who is already infected with FeLV.