How do you ask anonymously on Tumblr app?

How do you ask anonymously on Tumblr app?

On the ask box, you should see a switch labeled Ask Anonymously. Turn it on, and you should see your username switch to ‘anonymous,’ complete with your avatar representing anonymity. If you initiated the ask box without signing into your account, then you should be in anonymous mode by default.

How does anonymous work on Tumblr?

Anonymous ‘Asks’ can only be answered publicly on the blog itself; questions posted anonymously cannot be traced back to the Tumblr user, so the only way to respond is publicly, because there is no name to address the answer to. In fact, bloggers can choose not to receive any questions at all.

How do you find out who sent you an anonymous message on Tumblr?

Select the option to access recent site visitor information. Locate the listing nearest to the time you estimate that you sent the anonymous Ask and expand it to display the user information — including the individual’s IP address, location of access and how long the visit lasted on your blog.

Can you delete an ask on Tumblr?

Deleting Messages Any fan mail sent directly to you appears here, as do submissions to your blog and any questions sent through the Tumblr ask feature (if enabled). To delete a message, click the cross icon next to it and then click “OK.”

Are Tumblr reports anonymous?

If I report someone on Tumblr, will they know I reported them? / Are reports kept confidential? Tumblr does not notify the user being reported of the specific allegations being made against them.

How do I fix my ask box on Tumblr?

Scroll down to the Ask section and see that the “Let people ask questions” box is clicked. If not, click the box and and then click the “Save preferences” button at the bottom of the page. This feature must be clicked to allow the Ask Box to work properly.

Is ask me really anonymous?

After the question is posted as a sticker it’s completely anonymous, but the user who you ask will definitely know it’s you. Realistically, it’s a safety concern to get random questions, so this allows users to monitor the creeps who want to know everything about them.