Did they change Eddie on Blue Bloods?

Did they change Eddie on Blue Bloods?

Ray was announced to start filming again for PLL, and spoke about returning, saying, “It’s so fun to do, and what a crazy character I get to play. In 2013, Ray joined the Season 4 cast of the CBS police procedural drama Blue Bloods as Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko, a role she has continued through the show’s 11th season.

Is Eddie in Blue Bloods pregnant?

At this point in the storytelling, it is not planned that Eddie will get pregnant, although she has been caught looking longingly at kids and has gone out of her way to assist a few. But right now, both Eddie and Jamie are focusing on their careers.

What is Eddie Short for on Blue Bloods?

Total Appearances Edit “Eddie” Marie Janko-Reagan is a police officer for the City of New York.

Are Eddie and Jamie together in real life?

Eddie Janko, Vanessa Ray’s character on “Blue Bloods,” found true love in her partner, Jamie Reagan (via CBS). But Ray found happily ever after in real life with musician Landon Beard. Ray and Beard got married later that year at Condor Nest Ranch in Pala, California, as reported by E! News.

What happened to original Nicky on Blue Bloods?

Marlene Lawston, who played Nicky Reagan-Boyle in the pilot, was replaced by Sami Gayle beginning in Episode 4, Blue Bloods: Officer Down (2010). Half the pilot (the interiors) was shot in Toronto, while the exterior scenes were shot on location in New York.

Is Jamie’s wife pregnant on Blue Bloods?

“His wife is pregnant,” says Eddie. “She gets sick in the morning; he’s just helping out.” Jamie doesn’t seem that sympathetic. “The first time, the second time, the third time, even, I get it,” says Jamie.

Do they drink real wine on Blue Bloods?

The actors on Blue Bloods are not drinking real wine “Nope, it’s not alcohol,” said Carlson. In his interview with People magazine, Donny Wahlberg revealed what’s really in the actors’ cups. “Someone asked me if we get drunk because we have a lot of wine during the dinner scene, but, sadly, it’s just grape juice.

Does Vanessa Ray of Blue Bloods have children?

She’s been married since 2015 to Landon Beard, the second marriage for Ray. She has no children. “Blue Bloods” will return for its 12th season this coming fall on CBS.

What happened to Danny’s youngest son on Blue Bloods?

Danny’s son Sean gets into a bicycle accident that sends him to the hospital with a brain injury.