What incursions mean?

What incursions mean?

Definition of incursion 1 : a hostile entrance into a territory : raid. 2 : an entering in or into (something, such as an activity or undertaking) his only incursion into the arts.

What is the meaning of a foray?

foray \FOR-ay\ noun. 1 : a sudden or irregular invasion or attack for war or spoils : raid. 2 : an initial and often tentative attempt to do something in a new or different field or area of activity.

What insertion means?

: the act or process of putting something into something else : the act or process of inserting something. : something (such as a comment) that is added to a piece of writing : something that is inserted.

What is the opposite of excursion?

What is the opposite of excursion?

stagnation immobility
dormancy laziness
suspension inertness
stasis otiosity

What do you think indigenous means?

The word ‘indigenous’ refers to the notion of a place-based human ethnic culture that has not migrated from its homeland, and is not a settler or colonial population. To be indigenous is therefore by definition different from being of a world culture, such as the Western or Euro-American culture.

What is a foray in a home?

The term foyer describes a space that usually connects the entrance to various other rooms. In other words, a foyer is where you welcome your guests when they enter your home, whether it’s a house or an apartment.

What are the types of insertion?

A small-scale type of insertion mutation involves the insertion of one or a few nucleotides into the DNA sequence. A large-scale type of insertion is one that involves a region of a chromosome. In this case, a nonreciprocal translocation occurs.