What is the translation of Spem in Alium?

What is the translation of Spem in Alium?

Spem in alium (Latin for “Hope in any other”) is a 40-part Renaissance motet by Thomas Tallis, composed in c. 1570 for eight choirs of five voices each. H. B. Collins described it in 1929 as Tallis’s “crowning achievement”, along with his Lamentations.

How many voices are in Spem in Alium?

40 voices
Thomas Tallis’s Spem in alium was composed in c1570 and is scored for 40 voices. It is arranged for eight choirs with five voices in each.

Why was Spem in Alium written?

The strictly Catholic Tallis may have written Spem to honour the Catholic Queen Mary, in defiance of the Protestant Queen Elizabeth. Whatever the truth, Spem is Alium is one of the treasures of Elizabethan English music.

Who wrote Spem in Alium?

Thomas Tallis
Spem in alium/Composers
Spem in alium nunquam habui, (Latin: “Hope in Any Other Have I None” or “In No Other Is My Hope”) motet (short musical setting of a sacred text) by English composer Thomas Tallis, noted for its complex use of counterpoint in a composition for 40 voices.

What does Spem in Latin mean?

Spem is simply one form (the accusative form) of the noun spes, which you correctly translated as “hope”.

What was the Dukes gift to Thomas Tallis?

And that composer, Thomas Tallis, presented England with Spem in alium. Tallis chose an uncommon Sarum Rite text from the Book of Judith; perhaps in intended flattery to his patron, Queen Elizabeth, by comparing her to the heroic woman who saved the Israelites by killing of the chief of Nebuchadnezzar’s army.

Where are the Tallis Scholars located?

The program now includes three courses which take place in Oakham in the United Kingdom, Seattle in the United States, and Sydney in Australia. Various members of the group have scholarly interests in addition to their activities as professional musicians.

What is Felix in Latin?

[ fee-liks ] SHOW IPA. / ˈfi lɪks / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “happy, lucky.”

What songs did Thomas Tallis compose?

Our school is named after composer Thomas Tallis. He was a true original who made music for the kings and queens of the 16th Century, and who lived in Greenwich. Two of his most famous pieces are Spem In Allium and If Ye Love Me which are still regularly played today.

How many singers are in the Tallis Scholars?

The Tallis Scholars is a British professional early music vocal ensemble normally consisting of two singers per part, with a core group of ten singers.

Why are the sixteen called the sixteen?

The Sixteen were founded in 1977 by Harry Christophers as a nameless choir, adopting the “Sixteen” name and giving their first billed concert in 1979. The ensemble’s concept from its inception was to perform the music of the English polyphony through contemporary choral music.