How long is the walk to Hanging Rock Blackheath?

How long is the walk to Hanging Rock Blackheath?

Distance: 15.6km (return from Blackheath), with shorter options available. The Trail: For a full 15km cycle or walk you can start in the town of Blackheath.

How long does the Hanging Rock Trail take?

The trail starts out paved and turns to gravel, dirt, and rock, gradually gaining elevation. It takes most average people 1 hour to reach the top.

How do you get Hanging Rock?

If you want to get to Hanging Rock you will need to go to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. We drove to the end of Ridgewell road and parked near the barrier. If you don’t have a car you could also take the train to Blackheath station and walk up the road (this will add an extra 2.6km each way).

Is Hanging Rock pet friendly?

The Hanging Rock Trail Head is at the opposite side of the parking lot from the visitor center. The falls trailhead is to the left as you face away from the visitor center. Dogs are allowed on the trail but should be leashed.

Is Hanging Rock a mountain?

Hanging Rock State Park is located in the Sauratown Mountain Range, one of the most easterly mountain ranges in the state. The highest point in the park – and the highest point in the Sauratown Mountain range – is Moore’s Knob. It rises to 2,579 feet (786 m) above sea level.

How difficult is Hanging Rock trail?

The trail was pretty difficult at about a mile in. It gets pretty rocky and slick with all of the loose sand/rock. The views are gorgeous at the top, and coming back down is much easier.

How many steps are in the Hanging Rock trail?

Hiking The Hanging Rock Trail (From Start to Finish) After another climb, you’ll reach the foot of the peak and a set of stairs. I counted about 170 steps in the first section, which flattens out before you reach a steeper set of sometimes thigh-high rock steps.

What really happened at Hanging Rock Australia?

What Happened at Hanging Rock? At the centre of this mystery is the disappearance of three schoolgirls and a teacher during a school picnic. During the picnic, four students named Miranda, Irma, Marion and Edith decided to climb one of the location’s monoliths, with their teacher, Miss McCraw, following after them.

Can dogs swim at Hanging Rock?

Dogs of all sizes are allowed at no additional fee. Dogs may not be left unattended, and they must be on no more than a 6 foot leash, and be cleaned up after. Dogs are not allowed in swim areas or in buildings. Dogs are allowed on the trails.

What to know about Hanging Rock in Blackheath?

Baltzer Lookout and Hanging Rock are rough unfenced clifftops so extreme caution should be taken and children will need to be under supervision at all times. Hanging Rock is a large spire of sandstone that has split from cliff face and hangs precariously towards the valley.

Where is Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains?

Hanging Rock is located at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains National Park. From the West: Travel through Mt Victoria on the Great Western Highway. You’ll come to Ridgewell Road before you enter the town of Blackheath so lookout for Blackheath Cemetery.

Where to find Hanging Rock Trail in NSW?

Easily accessed from Blackheath via Ridgewell Road, the trail meanders through heathland and open forest. In spring, look out for distinctive red waratahs, and grass trees that bloom with creamy coloured flowers.

How to get to Baltzer Lookout and Hanging Rock?

Getting to Baltzer Lookout and Hanging Rock is really easy. Once you reach Blackheath continue through the main part of town and you will come to Ridgewell Rd which is a right hand turn off the main road. Follow this road up until you reach a gate and a little car park.