Is Aliquotting a word?

Is Aliquotting a word?

adj. 1. forming an exact proper divisor: An aliquot part of 15 is 5. 2.

What does the word Aliquoting mean?

[al´ĭ-kwot] 1. a sample that is representative of the whole. 2. a number that will divide another without a remainder; e.g., 2 is an aliquot of 6.

What is an example of aliquot?

An example of something aliquot is the number 2 to the number 6. Aliquot means a part of a chemical or medicine, or a number that evenly divides another number. An example of an aliquot is a portion of DayQuil. An example of an aliquot is the number 4 to the number 16.

What is the purpose of Aliquoting?

Besides functioning as a technique used to separate a larger sample into smaller parts, aliquoting plays a very important role in the temperature sensitivity of substances. For example, in chemistry, some substances can rapidly decompose (or deteriorate) when exposed repeatedly to variable temperature environments.

What is aliquot share?

aliquot: (al-ee-kwoh) adj. a definite fractional share, usually applied when dividing and distributing a dead person’s estate or trust assets.

What is the process of Aliquoting?

Aliquoting is the removal of serum plasma from the whole blood product. Procedure. The investigator or delegated person should follow protocol specific guidelines for processing and aliquoting blood specimens or follow the procedure outlined below.

What is the aliquot part of a section?

Aliquot part means a fractional part of a section within the United States public land survey system. Only the fractional parts one-half, one-quarter, one-half of one-quarter, or one-quarter of one-quarter shall be considered an aliquot part of a section.

What is the importance of Aliquoting?

How will you know when a specimen requires Aliquoting?

Specimen may need to be aliquoted for the following reasons: a. Plasma is the required specimen b. There is no gel separator to separate the serum/plasma from the cells c. Stability requires this done before transporting to the laboratory.

What is aliquot in lab testing?

Aliquot means to separate a portion of the serum or plasma and place in a separate tube. Serum and Plasma is the clear upper fluid or fluid above the gel from a centrifuged tube.