How much does a boob job cost Northern California?

How much does a boob job cost Northern California?

Average cost of a breast augmentation is $7400 with silicone implants and $6400 with saline implants.

How long does it take to get a consultation from breast augmentation?

Most offices are booking anywhere from 2-4 weeks out for their consultations and then 2-4 more weeks, from your consultation, to actually have the procedure done. When calling, also ask when the next available surgery date is.

How much do breast implants cost 2020 in California?

On average, the breast augmentation cost totals between $7,000 and $9,000. This price range includes standard procedural fees such as: surgical facility fee. surgeon fee.

What should I bring to my breast augmentation consultation?

What to Bring to Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

  • Photos of Your Ideal Results. Use photos of women with the results you desire to give your plastic surgeon a clear picture of your cosmetic goals.
  • Your Favorite Outfits.
  • A List of Questions.
  • Take the Next Step Towards Your Dream Body.

What happens at a breast enlargement consultation?

Breast Surgeon Consultation At your surgeon consultation, your surgeon will discuss with you the reasons for breast implant surgery, what you are looking for from breast surgery, discuss any concerns you may have and go through your medical history.

How many cc’s are in a size C cup?

What size of implant will give me the desired result?

Cup size increase Breast implants volume
Cup size B to Cup size DD 400 to 450 cc
Cup size C to Cup size D 300 to 350 cc
Cup size C to Cup size DD 370 to 450 cc
Cup size C to Cup size E 450 to 550 cc

How many cc is a breast cup size?

One breast cup size is about 175cc, but the results may vary based on the implant chosen. For example, a 200cc implant may not look the same on two different women.