Is Supriya Pathak and Ratna Pathak sisters?

Is Supriya Pathak and Ratna Pathak sisters?

Ratna Pathak Shah is a Gujarati Hindu. She was born on 18 March 1957 in Mumbai, India to Baldev Pathak and actress Dina Pathak. She is the sister of actress Supriya Pathak. Pathak is an alumna of the J. B.

Who is husband of actress Supriya Pathak?

Pankaj Kapurm. 1988
Supriya Pathak/Husband

Who is the daughter of Supriya Pathak?

Sanah Kapoor
Supriya Pathak/Daughters

Is Supriya Pathak real mother of Shahid Kapoor?

Actor Supriya Pathak is a mother of two, Sanah Kapoor and Ruhaan Kapoor, whom she calls her ‘pals’. She also shares a great relationship with her husband, Pankaj Kapur’s son Shahid Kapoor. For her, Shahid is someone who she can depend upon, and she also adores his kids, Misha and Zain Kapoor.

Who was first husband of Supriya Pathak?

Kapur was previously married to Kathak danseuse and actor, Neelima Azeem, with whom he has a son, the actor Shahid Kapoor. After two years of courtship, they tied the knot in 1988, and are now parents to a daughter and a son. Their daughter, Sanah (b.

How old is Mira?

27 years (7 September 1994)
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Who is mother of Ratna Pathak?

Dina Pathak
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Who is father of Ishan Khattar?

Rajesh Khattar
Ishaan Khattar/Fathers

Who are the parents of Supriya Pathak children?

Celebrity family wiki Father Baldev Pathak Mother Dina Pathak Husband Pankaj Kapoor Children Sanah Kapoor and Ruhaan Kapoor Sister Ratna Pathak

Who is the second husband of Pankaj Kapoor?

Supriya Pathak is second wife of Pankaj Kapoor / Kapur. Her husband Pankaj Kapoor is a popular Indian Film Actor, Story Writer, Screenwriter and Film Producer. Supriya Pathak first husband name is not known. Pankaj Kapoor is her second husband. Her parents are Baldev Pathak ( Father), Dina Pathak (Mother).

How did Supriya Pathak start her acting career?

Supriya Pathak has made her place in Indian film and theater industry as an actress with her versatile acting. She started her career from her early age of life with the collaboration of her mother through a play Maina Gurjari.

Where did Pankaj Kapur go to high school?

Pankaj Kapur was born on 29th May 1954 in Ludhiana, Punjab state. He studied Engineering in New Delhi and subsequently attended National School of Drama New Delhi graduating in 1976. After completion of his graduation he worked for theatres for four years.