Is Alberto in Season 2 of Velvet?

Is Alberto in Season 2 of Velvet?

So, what can we expect from Season 2? Warning: Spoilers ahead! At the finale of Velvet, fans finally got to see Ana and Alberto, played by Paula Echevarria and Miguel Ángel Silvestre respectively, finally get the happily ever after they deserved.

Is Alberto in Velvet Coleccion?

2 Seasons. 20 Episodes. 1967. After five years of a happy life with Alberto Márquez (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) and their son, Ana Rivera (Paula Echevarría), comes back to Spain to take the ‘Velvet’ project to the next level.

What episode does Alberto come back in Velvet?

episode 13
episode 1377 min. With Ana back in his life, Carlos decides to hide the fact that Alberto is alive.

Why did Alberto leave Velvet?

Break Her Heart to Save Her: Alberto’s reason for leaving Velvet and Spain is to save Ana’s dream of being a fashion designer from being smothered at the outset by scandal. She becomes a successful designer, but other forces conspire to keep them apart for far longer than intended.

Is Velvet based on a true story?

The story that Mi tells to Donald about a shipwrecked horse is based on a true story about a New Zealand-bred thoroughbred named “Moiffa” who did in fact survive his ordeal and went on to win the Grand National the following year.

Do Alberto and Cristina get married in velvet?

Toward the end of Season 1, Alberto and Cristina were to be married but, by some misfortune, Cristina’s bridal dress was lost on the day before the wedding. The designer and seamstresses of Velvet worked overnight to create a new one which was described as similar to Grace Kelly’s except for the cleavage.

Who is the father of Ana’s baby in velvet?

Who was the father of Christina’s daughter? Seems like most people forget. lol It’s Victor. The man who was temporarily Barbara’s and Cristina’s secretary in season 3.

Will there be Season 3 of velvet collection?

Movistar had originally ordered a third season, but shortly after production was going to start, it was decided that the season wouldn’t happen and that the show’s ending would be a TV-Movie instead.