How big is the Loop in Chicago?

How big is the Loop in Chicago?

4.092 km²
Chicago Loop/Area

The Chicago Loop The Loop is in the heart of downtown with the Chicago River to the north and west, Harrison Street to the south, and Lake Michigan to the east. While it only takes up a 1.58 square mile area, it’s densely populated with attractions ranging from Millenium Park to the Chicago Riverwalk.

Is the loop Safe Chicago?

Downtown Chicago, or The Loop, is actually considered a safe area in Chicago. Most crime here is pickpocketing. However, you should use common sense while there and watch your surroundings.

Why do they call downtown Chicago the loop?

The Loop, 35-block area of downtown Chicago, Illinois, U.S. The name probably derives from a cable-car line that circled the city’s central business district in the 1880s, though the term’s use became most common following the completion in 1897 of the Chicago Union Elevated Railway (the “El”), which forms a loop …

Is South Loop Chicago good place to live?

The South Loop offers a fun and vibrant lifestyle for its residents and has become particularly attractive for young people. Its proximity to the Loop, McCormick Place and the Museum Campus means there’s always plenty to do. Many residents live in new high-rise buildings with stunning views of Lake Michigan.

Should I stay in the Loop or Magnificent Mile?

If you want to be a tourist and have no concern for nightlife, shopping or dining, go to the loop. You’re closer to the attractions you’ll want to visit. If dining, nightlife, and shopping are a concern and you want to experience the people and vibrance of Chicago, you’re best bet is the mag mile.

Do people live in the loop?

Yet more than 33,000 folks have found a good reason to live there— that’s the population according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau figures. In fact, the population of the Loop has tripled since 1990, even as the city as a whole has lost people.

Should I live in the Loop in Chicago?

The loop has everything you need. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants close by, and it’s conveniently located by Millennium Park and the lake. Loop is super convenient for access to Booth and for proximity to classmates, but not really the cultural center of Chicago. Great neighborhood because of Booth.