What is Article 4 of the Texas Constitution?

What is Article 4 of the Texas Constitution?

EXECUTION OF LAWS AND CONDUCT OF BUSINESS WITH OTHER STATES AND UNITED STATES BY GOVERNOR. He shall cause the laws to be faithfully executed and shall conduct, in person, or in such manner as shall be prescribed by law, all intercourse and business of the State with other States and with the United States.

What is found in Article 2 of the Texas Constitution?

The powers of the Government of the State of Texas shall be divided into three distinct departments, each of which shall be confided to a separate body of magistracy, to wit: Those which are Legislative to one; those which are Executive to another, and those which are Judicial to another; and no person, or collection …

What is Article 3 of the Texas Constitution about?

SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. The Legislative power of this State shall be vested in a Senate and House of Representatives, which together shall be styled “The Legislature of the State of Texas.”

What is Article 15 of the Texas Constitution?

Article 15 of the Texas Constitution is labeled Impeachment. It has nine sections, and it lays out the rules under which Texas government officials can be removed from office.

What is guaranteed under the Texas Constitution?

1. FREEDOM AND SOVEREIGNTY OF STATE. Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States, and the maintenance of our free institutions and the perpetuity of the Union depend upon the preservation of the right of local self-government, unimpaired to all the States. EQUAL RIGHTS.

What is one major difference between the US and Texas Constitution?

What’s The Difference Between The U.S. and Texas Constitutions? While the U.S. Constitution applies to the federal government with the states being subordinate, the Texas Constitution (and all state constitutions) sets in writing what the state government can and cannot do with the counties being subordinate.

What is the current Constitution of Texas?

The current constitution is the seventh in Texas history. The previous six were the 1827 Constitution of the State of Coahuila and Tejas, the 1836 Constitution of the Republic of Texas, and different versions of the constitution of Texas for the years 1845, 1861, 1866, and 1869.

What is one major difference between the U.S. and Texas Constitution?

At what age are Texas judges meant to retire?

The Model State Constitution provides for a retirement age of 70, appointment of retired judges to special judicial assignments, removal of appellate and general court judges by the supreme court, and impeachment of all judges.

Why does Texas need its own constitution?

The Constitution is the foundational governing document of the State of Texas, second only to the U.S. Constitution. Because of its unique history, Texas has chosen to protect these topics in the strongest way possible.