Can you use contactless on South Western Trains?

Can you use contactless on South Western Trains?

If you have an Oyster PAYG card you can top it up at our ticket machines at South Western Railway stations within the London Zones. We also accept other forms of contactless payment for journeys within the London Travelcard area, including CPAY contactless bank cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

What stations does South Western Railway cover?

Featured stations

  • Basingstoke.
  • Bournemouth.
  • Clapham Junction.
  • Exeter St David’s.
  • Farnborough (Main)
  • Guildford.
  • London Waterloo.
  • Portsmouth Harbour.

Where does South West Trains go?

Mainline services The South West Main Line (SWML) runs between London (Waterloo station) and the town of Weymouth; the route passes through several large towns and cities, including Woking, Basingstoke, Winchester, Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole and Dorchester.

Do South West Trains have plug sockets?

Year built 2019- Number of units 90 RVAR/PRM-TSI PRM-TSI Wheelchair spaces 2 Priority seats 26 Total seats 280 standard class Passenger information system – aural Yes Passenger information system – visual Yes Standard toilets 0 Accessible toilets 1 Contrasting grab rails Yes On-board staff to provide assistance Yes …

Is Oyster card accepted on South Western Railway?

Are Oyster cards valid on South Western Railway? Oyster cards are valid on our trains and stations in London. You can top them up at our ticket machines at London stations.

Can I use my Network Railcard before 10am?

Time restrictions Network Railcard discounts are not valid on tickets for travel before 10.00hrs, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). This time restriction applies to all types of tickets. You can use your Network Railcard to get discounts on tickets for travel at any time on weekends and public holidays.

Do South Western trains have toilets?

Full toilet tanks All of our trains use a system known as Chemical Emissions Tanking (CET) to store waste from the toilets. This makes it safer for everyone around the train as well as colleagues that work on the track – and means that unlike older trains, our toilets can be used while the train is at the station.

What train line is Waterloo on?

Waterloo Underground Station is on the Jubilee Line, the Bakerloo Line and the Northern Line. Railway trains are operated by South West Trains. Waterloo Station is near many tourist attractions including The London Eye, The South Bank and County Hall.

Are South West Trains diesel?

Three-carriage trains on our West of England routes The Class 159 South Western Turbo is a three-carriage diesel train that is used on long-distance routes and on rural routes in the Salisbury area.

Do South West trains have USB ports?

These trains always run as a double set of 10 carriages with another 442 unit. The information shown is for each set of 5 carriages. Plug sockets USB only standard. Plug in first class per set of seats.