How do I complain to Tesco by email?

How do I complain to Tesco by email?

Tesco complaints contacts

  1. Visit Customer Services.
  2. Call Customer Services on 0800 505555.
  3. Email Customer Services on [email protected]
  4. Email David Lewis (CEO) on [email protected]
  5. Call Technical Support on 0800 323 4060 or 0330 123 4060.
  6. Tweet Tesco (UK)

Does Tesco have email address?

The email address service will be closed down on 27 June – if you’ve got one of these accounts you’ll need to move to an alternative provider.

How do I make a complaint to Tesco?

HOW TO LODGE A COMPLAINT TO TESCO. To file a complaint with Tesco, please make a call to its main customer service lines at either 0800 50 5555 or 0330 123 4055.

How do I send a message to Tesco?

Towards the top right of the page in the blue panel click onto ‘Send a Message’. A new page will open up, ‘Create New Message’. You will see the ‘send to’ is already populated with Tesco Bank along with Tesco’s logo. Complete it with your message and send your message securely.

How do I contact Tesco customer service?

0800 505555
Tesco PLC/Customer service

How do I email Tesco head office?


  1. Questions, comments? Contact us:
  2. Mailing address: Tesco-Global Department Stores.
  3. 2040 Budaörs, Kinizsi u. 1-3.
  4. Email: [email protected]

How do I change my Tesco email address?

If you need to change the email address you use to sign in, please go to the personal details section in ‘My Account’. You’ll need your Clubcard number handy for the 3-digit security question. This email address is also used to send you your Clubcard statement.

Who do I contact if my Tesco delivery doesn’t arrive?

If you’ve missed your delivery, check your mailbox for a calling card from the Customer Delivery Assistant. You can also call Customer Services. They can try to reroute the Customer Delivery Assistant to you again if he has not yet come back to the store.

How can I contact Tesco?

What is Tesco head office address?

Welwyn Garden City
Tesco PLC/Headquarters

Can I get a Tesco Clubcard without an email address?

My aunt would like a Tesco Clubcard, but does not have an email address. Visit any Tesco’s and ask for a Clubcard at the customer service desk. This is usually located near one of the entrances.

Can you change address on Tesco Clubcard?

My Clubcard Account If you move house and forget to tell us, your statement (and vouchers) will still be delivered to your old address until you update your details. To update your details, login to your Clubcard Account online or on the app.